FDA publishes advice on the use of AI and machine learning to close large vessels in the brain

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised the use of imaging software for patients with suspected large arteries, suggesting that some radiologists be unaware of the targeted use of computed tomography (CAD) devices. (LVO) in the brain. Emphasizing the proper use of CADt software, the FDA notes that these devices are not intended to … Read more

The Razer x Lambda Linux laptop performs machine learning

Screenshot: Lambda Razer the latest laptop arrived, but it was not what we expected. It’s not just that Razer Court 15 doppelganger is not intended for play, but it is not even sold by Razer. This is a unique new notebook instead a partnership between Razer and Lambda, a company that builds workstations, GPUs and … Read more

Its importance in the growth of the artificial intelligence and gaming sector

By Nilesh Jahagirdar Artificial intelligence is developing the landscape of every industry and the gaming industry is no exception. Through innovations and growth, technology is surpassing our expectations every day. In gaming, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to responsive and flexible video game experiences. Although artificial intelligence has long been present in video games, it seems … Read more

Russia’s Artificial Intelligence boom may not survive the war

Russia has been very busy last year with its military and civilian artificial intelligence efforts. Moscow poured money into research and development and Russia’s civil society discussed the country’s position in the larger AI ecosystem. But Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February and the resulting sanctions largely halted those efforts — and led to … Read more

Sitting in an artificial intelligence weapons race is not an option

Looking at the dangerous advances in military technology, from Nazi V-weapons to hydrogen bombs, the research journalist IF Stone once described armaments as an inevitable product, “the ingenuity of science is not limited to the” weapon of human-controlled mass destruction “. This dark truth is still true today in relation to the growing range of … Read more

Mechanical engineering for biology begins towards retail

Artificial intelligence Sergey Tarasov – stock.adobe.com There is a lot of coverage on mechanical engineering (ML) for research in biology, radiology and other fields, with direct users being academics, researchers and medical professionals. However, it is possible that some biological information may be useful in the retail industry. One area is in skin care. In … Read more

VMRay showcases advanced machine learning capabilities

BOSTON, April 13, 2022. VM Ray, an automated malware analysis and solution provider, today announced the release of new Learning Machine Learning capabilities for the advanced VMRay platform, which helps enterprise security teams detect and neutralize malicious threats and phishing. Recognized as the gold standard for advanced threat detection and analysis, the reliable threat data … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: India, US hold talks on Artificial Intelligence

India and the US have agreed to hold a dialogue on artificial intelligence to exploit opportunities for joint innovation and cooperation in the new domains, the two countries announced after the 2 + 2 cabinet. Foreign Secretary Tony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin held a fourth 2 + 2 ministerial meeting with Defense Minister … Read more

Titan Space Technologies announces successful deployment of machine learning models during historic Ax-1 mission

The success of Titan demonstrates the applied capabilities of AI, which are important for conducting space experiments. Tweet this “As the industry continues to move forward on a rapid commercial path in space, the optimization of key applications and capabilities at the International Space Station will be important to support future needs and in terms … Read more

Klear.ai is featured on the Red Hand Advisors webinar, sharing their experiences transforming claims administration with Artificial Intelligence

Cypress, California., April 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Developers of KlearClaims, an Risk Management Platform (IRM) integrated with Klear.ai, local AI, on the RiskTech webinar, Changing the management of claims through Artificial Intelligence On March 30, 2022. Webinar interviewed industry experts from Klear.ai, who described the practical workflows and processes of transitional claims in … Read more