students learn to create renewable energy

As gas prices cause financial pain for drivers across the state, it continues to draw the attention of many to renewable energy, even those who are still not old enough to drive. High school students are making a difference across Tug Teppa. 41 students from five different schools formed 11 teams to compete in the … Read more

Harney DARE graduates Local news

Instead of eating a school lunch and then sitting in the classroom, students enrolled in the Education Against Drug Abuse (DARE) program at Harney Elementary School in Lebanon celebrated the end of the program last week. The Lebanese Police Officer (LPD) and DARE educator James Koontz has been involved in the program for the last … Read more

4 changes that parents of college applicants should be aware of | College Admission Playbook

As parents of teenagers know, a lot has changed since parents became teenagers. The college admission process is one of them. While the way students interact with friends, the way they watch TV or listen to music has not changed dramatically, the way college applications apply is different, and parents cannot rely entirely on the … Read more

Zachariah: Freedom of Speech Celebrated on College Campus | Ga Fl News

Head of the English Department, Dr. of Waldosta State University. Adam Wood describes himself as a free speech purist. When you think about it, shouldn’t we all be? It can be strongly argued that all our freedoms depend on freedom of expression. Woods moderated the first of a series of VSU seminars on “Freedom of … Read more

The students of this high school are learning to invest with real money

Gray Bee investors are investigating a possible investment in a recent meeting. Mike Scanlan There is real money for the investment club at St. Benedict Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey. This year, the Gray Bee Investors Club, which consists of about 15 high school students, will help make investment decisions for the Grossman Family … Read more

Margaret Venable: Breaking College Myths | Columns

Reports of the increasing burden of student debt are crippling graduates throughout their youth, making it more common and leading many to question the affordable cost of enrolling in college. Even after estimating inflation, a recent figure I read indicates that the cost of attending college (on average) has almost doubled in the last 30 … Read more

MSU’s third report on “pandemic studies” shows lower student progress in 2020-2021 | MSUToday

A new report from Michigan State University provides more information about the impact of the pandemic and academic-related disruptions on Michigan students. The report showed that growth in achievement slowed during the 2020-2021 school year, and fewer Michigan students in the fall of 2021 than expected before the pandemic. This is not just for Michigan, … Read more

CDC study: Distance learning is detrimental to children’s mental health national

(Central Square) – When schools switched to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first victims were children’s mental health. As new read analyzed the mental health of adolescents from January 2021 to June 2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Compared to 2019, the study showed that the share of emergency … Read more

Lone Star College is creating an online campus to meet the needs of virtual learning

article (Photo courtesy of Lone Star College) Houston – While the risk of COVID-19 is declining, at least in the Houston area, the demand for online training is increasing. ADVANCED ACTIVITIES: Enrollment in community colleges appears to be on the rise in the wake of the pandemic To meet the demands of virtual learning, Lone … Read more

Circle of Honor Class 2022 will be awarded on Monday Local news

Eighteen individuals, including Indiana State Health Commissioner, a former U.S. senator and Harvard-trained neuroanatomist, will be honored Monday as part of Vigo County School Corp.’s new Circle of Honor program. The inaugural honor class in 2022 consists of 18 individuals “who embody the best of the Vigo district, reflecting its rich history and commitment to … Read more