Opinion: Inflation inequality is hitting the working class harder than ever before

The American working class is plagued by inflation as wage earners spend most of their income on things whose prices are rising the most, especially for needs such as food, gasoline, and cars and trucks. The CPI-W – an inflation rate that matches the consumer habits of working people – has risen by 9.4% in … Read more

Want to improve your creativity and focus? Try eating chocolate in the morning

Comments expressed by Entrepreneurs Contributors are their own. Shoot! My chocolate is gone! I am writing my current article today – I need to fill my supply as soon as possible! So my Sunday morning started at 5 p.m. Why chocolate? To write? I am a brain trainer, brain nutritionist, brain function, brain production specialist … Read more

A well-ranked college may not be the best for your child. Give them these gifts instead

When your child makes a decision that seems very general and important to their future, it’s hard not to let peer pressure and your own feelings get in the way, said Kimberly Specter, a senior parent at a high school in Southern California. “When you are in this, it seems to be the biggest decision … Read more

Learning to love the COVID diet

Two years ago, the emergence of a new coronavirus in the central city of Wuhan halted life in China. Wet markets and shops closed their doors; food services struggled to meet demand; and food programs ran out of resources. The first time I remembered that it was difficult to find enough food to eat. In … Read more

GOP-backed School Board Candidates Win Milwaukee Suburbs | Political news

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Republican-backed candidates in local school council races have emerged as big winners in the Milwaukee suburbs, which are critical for the Democratic Republic of Wisconsin in nationwide elections, but have had mixed results in other parts of the battlefield. Tuesday’s school board elections in Wisconsin were … Read more

Kamala Harris lashed out at not wearing a mask at DC School

Vice President Kamala Harris was torn apart after giving up face-to-face coverage while visiting a school in Washington, D.C. – while some students frowned despite the optional instruction. Harris visited Thomas Elementary School in the northeastern capital on Monday to announce Biden’s administration plans to upgrade public schools with energy-efficient facilities and transportation. After interacting … Read more

Parkland, Florida, Beginning of School Board Shooters Election US News®

By Terry Spencer, Associated Press FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (AP) – The jury’s selection of the deadliest mass shooting ever to go on trial will begin Monday with an initial screening of a panel that will determine whether Nicholas Cruz dies on the murder of 17 students and staff at Parkland, Florida, high school. Court officials … Read more

This simple word test shows how creative you are, scientists say

Of course, this does not mean that scientists have not tried, and a study published in the journal PNAS in June suggests a new and surprisingly simple test to measure this ability. It only takes a few minutes and thinks about 10 nouns that are not related to each other and vary in meaning as … Read more

Corona Response | Orbana School Board Raises County Mask Requirement Corona virus

URBANA – As of Monday, the Urbana School District will no longer require students and staff to wear masks after the school board voted 5-2 on Tuesday to accept the board’s recommendation to remove the mandate. The removal of the county’s mask requirement, which has lasted longer than most of the rest of the state, … Read more

This is what you need to know about training camps

An online portal will open for AZ OnTrack summer training camps From March 28, the portal of Arizona Gov. Doug Dusi’s new summer training camp is open to parents. This was reported by FOX 10 Stephanie Bennett. PHOENIX – As of March 28, the new Arizona Gov. Doug Dusi summer camp portal is open to … Read more