Upper grade students gain experience through a work-study program School news

Upper-class students improve their work experience, gain valuable customer service and business skills, and help local businesses meet their staffing needs through a vocational training and technical education program. Kenny Wutton, a senior at Stone Memorial High School and Lane Barwell High School, Cumberland County High School, both work at Cracker Barrel of Crossville. Barwell … Read more

CDC study: Distance learning is detrimental to children’s mental health national

(Central Square) – When schools switched to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first victims were children’s mental health. As new read analyzed the mental health of adolescents from January 2021 to June 2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Compared to 2019, the study showed that the share of emergency … Read more

Tight-knit knights have proven to be Class A contenders after winning the Westside Invite | High school tennis

Lincoln Journal Star Lincoln Southeast is one of the best girls’ tennis programs in the state, winning the state A class title in 2019 and finishing second last year. And although they needed to fill several key positions in the lineup for 2022, the Knights on Monday showed why they would fight for the second … Read more

High school students in college study home design

WIXBURG, Miss. A group of high school students from the Warsaw district of Warren benefit from a new class of residential architectural design offered by the Indian College of Public Administration. The “Housing Design and Building Information Modeling” class is taught by Richard Hunt, a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree … Read more

Review of educational losses in poor children | Education News

According to a new study, students with disabilities, those who learn English, and students who live in rural communities learn at the same rate and often faster during the school year – compared to their non-vulnerable peers, but they summer loses more positions. from the NWEA Education Policy Assessment and Assessment Organization. The findings call … Read more

Is the college-going senior at your house? Here’s what they need to do to get ready

Is the college-going senior at your house? Here’s what they need to do to get ready The expert on the scholarship owl shares the advice Updated: 3:13 PM EDT April 6, 2022 If you have a high school senior going to college in your home, experts say there are some things to do right now … Read more

College Roots Spreading Through Massachusetts High Schools | News

BOSTON – By the end of 2020, nearly half of high school students will be enrolled in some kind of early college, early career or vocational / technical programs, says Secretary of Education James Paiser, who has the potential to “really change the high school experience in Massachusetts.” The University of Massachusetts is at the … Read more

Woonsocket school officials say that social media, misinformation is to blame for the problems news

WOONSOCKET – When videos and rumors depicting violence in Woonsocket schools spread online, principals and Supt. Patrick McGee says they want to make it clear that misinformation and social media are guilty of exaggerating issues and causing unnecessary fear among the public. On March 18, there was a confrontation between many students at Woonsocket High … Read more