Opinion: Inflation inequality is hitting the working class harder than ever before

The American working class is plagued by inflation as wage earners spend most of their income on things whose prices are rising the most, especially for needs such as food, gasoline, and cars and trucks. The CPI-W – an inflation rate that matches the consumer habits of working people – has risen by 9.4% in … Read more

U.S. intelligence agencies warn that Putin could use Ukraine’s biden support to interfere in new round of elections

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. intelligence officials predict that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine as a pretext to direct a new campaign to interfere in American politics. Intelligence agencies have so far found no evidence that Putin authorized the actions that Russia is expected to take in the 2016 … Read more

Biden’s wealth tax proposal would target more than a billionaires

Text size President Joe Biden’s new draft budget includes a wealth tax, which he says should target the top 0.01% of households. Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images About the author: Thomas Hoenig is a senior executive at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, a former FDIC vice president and former president and CEO of … Read more

Biden’s plan to raise college tuition

Photo: Getty Images / IstockPhoto Tuition soared as colleges raised prices to soak up more government subsidies. Has anyone explained this to President Biden? His budget proposes to double the federal Pell grant, which will further increase tuition. “Pell grants have been the basis of financial aid for low- and moderate-income students for decades,” says … Read more

Veteran school council races heat up as polarizing political issues fuel the debate

ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. (WCAX) – School council races in several Vermont communities are attracting more interest this year and are raising a finger-pointing vote on social media centered on polarizing political issues. In Essex-Westford County, three school council seats are up for election next month and seven candidates are running. Many voters this year have … Read more

US to sanction companies providing technology for Russian military and intelligence services

U.S. officials say the Washington-Biden administration is preparing sanctions targeting Russian companies that supply goods and services to military and intelligence services, including dual-use components used in the proliferation of weapons. The Treasury Department’s sanctions will be announced early next week as the US and its allies continue to target a range of financial sectors … Read more

Student baits and college-loan complex

March 25, 2022 1:08 pm ET March 14, 2019 on the campus of Stanford University in California. Photo: Ben Margot / Associated Press Two conclusions from student-loan failure are clear (“The Great Pandemic Student-Loan Scam,” Review & Outlook, March 19). First, there are a large number of college degrees that are not worth the price. … Read more

The University of Southern California excludes education-school rankings, citing data errors

The University of Southern California removes its School of Education from the US News & World Report’s graduate school rankings after determining that it provided inaccurate data that was published at least five years back. Provost USC Charles F. Zukowski told students and staff at the Russian School of Education in a letter Wednesday that … Read more

My son failed school and has a student loan debt of $ 126,000. What can we do?

How To Get Out Of Student Loans Debt Getty Images / iStockphoto a question: My son was studying in a pharmacy program and at the end of last semester the college fired him because of a lack of academic performance. He owes $ 126,000. The interest rates are from 8.5%, 5.5% and 4% (the average … Read more

Test scores in school begin to rise with the return of personal lessons

Returning to personal lessons in this school year has helped students start learning again at a normal pace, according to a new national study, although many are still facing renewed failures of epidemic-disrupted education. The results show that children are taking steps to overcome the challenges of the past two years, although the study echoes … Read more