Digital Prometheus: Artist Rafiq Anadol Fills Artificial Intelligence With Creativity

Since graduating in 2014 with a Master of Fine Arts in UCLA’s Design Media Arts program, artist Rafiq Anadol has been known for his performances that create mind-blowing multicensor experiences using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. . His work, however, is far more than feasts that enchant the eyes and ears; It addresses … Read more

The Razer x Lambda Linux laptop performs machine learning

Screenshot: Lambda Razer the latest laptop arrived, but it was not what we expected. It’s not just that Razer Court 15 doppelganger is not intended for play, but it is not even sold by Razer. This is a unique new notebook instead a partnership between Razer and Lambda, a company that builds workstations, GPUs and … Read more

‘Apollo 10’: A vibrant celebration of imagination and creativity

It was the summer of 1969 when space exploration – an idea that was hidden in the minds of many young children in America – was no longer just the idea of ​​comic books and television. That was the reality. Reaching the Apollo 11 moon was not just a “big coup for humans.” It was … Read more

5 EdTech trends that will change learning between now and 2030

Feedback from Entrepreneur the contributors are themselves. The education landscape has changed significantly over the past few years. Traditional institutions face the ever-increasing demand to prepare students for rapid economic challenges, as well as social change, new jobs, and technological advances. According to a study by the World Economic Forum “Future of jobs in 2020”, … Read more

Russia and China looking for militarization and dominance in space: US intelligence report

According to a new report from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Chinese and Russian threats to space in the United States have increased significantly in recent years. Released a report entitled Challenges to space security – 2022, It was released on Tuesday, describing China and Russia’s efforts to militarize space in an attempt to exploit “US … Read more

U.S. intelligence agencies warn that Putin could use Ukraine’s biden support to interfere in new round of elections

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. intelligence officials predict that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine as a pretext to direct a new campaign to interfere in American politics. Intelligence agencies have so far found no evidence that Putin authorized the actions that Russia is expected to take in the 2016 … Read more

Ivy Tech’s STEM mobile lab allows students to learn technology at a young age | News

ANDERSON – One of the standards of the curriculum for elementary students in Indiana is computer science. To help them learn not only computer science but also other standards of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Anderson Public Schools have adopted the Project Lead the Way course work. According to Andrea Meadows, an e-learning instructor with … Read more

Learning to love the COVID diet

Two years ago, the emergence of a new coronavirus in the central city of Wuhan halted life in China. Wet markets and shops closed their doors; food services struggled to meet demand; and food programs ran out of resources. The first time I remembered that it was difficult to find enough food to eat. In … Read more

LingoAce launches new English language learning program, English Live | News

SINGAPORE AND SAN MATEO, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – April 5, 2022– LingoAce, a global technology education company based in Singapore and a leading Mandarin Chinese learning platform, has launched its latest offering, English Live, which uses its success in teaching Mandarin through its technology platform for learning English. Through the development of a leading … Read more

3 Ways To Affect Visual Intelligence Insurance Claims

Insurance is a complex industry, and companies are always looking for new ways to better serve their customers to improve their products and services. Visual intelligence is an emerging technology that insurance companies have begun to use to remove barriers and automate tasks, especially in claim processing. Visual intelligence is a technology based on computer … Read more