AI’s ‘Endless Journey’ to Super Intelligence

During my conversation with the new Dinatres CEO, Rick McConnell, I was the special guest speaker at the company’s recent conference opening session. Developed in Process Management, but a much broader and more comprehensive idea for everyone developing, specifying or working on new Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and technologies. It seemed logical to pause to … Read more

How B2B Brands Can Use Technology to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

In many areas of marketing, the process of creating, sharing and publishing content has not really changed in the last decade. But expect the customer. Today’s viewers expect the seamless digital experience (DX) to be combined with engaging brand stories. Otherwise, they will simply stop listening. Whether it’s through social media, email, your website or … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Capzemini combines forces

Capzemini Press Contact: Magali RoultTele: +33 1 70 48 11 67E-mail : Peugeot Introducing the Sport WEC Press: Justin MorrisTele .: + +33 7 62 62 28 77E-mail: Artificial Intelligence: Capzemini Connects forces With Peugeot Sport Accelerate and Optimize its hybrid hypercar development Peugeot 9×8 There will be racing At the World Endurance … Read more

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Help Centers – more than just adding a chatbot.

Artificial intelligence Sergei Tarasov – Chatbots have become a “must have” and a “must have” for ecommerce sites. However they are not a panacea. If the goal is to handle the bots too many questions, there is always a need to increase the calls. Although not a fully Artificial Intelligence (AI) issue, AI needs … Read more

Amazon’s DeepRacer League takes Chicago students to the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Chicago (WLS) – Students on the south side of Chicago on Saturday plunged into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. “We use cars and learn car coding and then race on it,” said student Trevon Scott. The Deep Racer Amazon Web Service has partnered with Chicago College High School to provide an advanced … Read more

Dangers of not aligning artificial intelligence with human values

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), the “alignment problem” refers to the challenges posed by machines simply not having the same values ​​as us. Of course, when it comes to values, at the basic level, machines are not much more sophisticated than realizing that they are actually 0 to 1 different. Dangers of not aligning artificial intelligence … Read more

‘We are not ready’: Russia uses artificial intelligence, deep counterfeiting in propaganda war – National

Warning: Some of the content linked to this article may be offensive to viewers. The Russian war on Ukraine lasted almost a month and the possibility of a ceasefire was in the air. But close observers of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine say that another war is raging online – an “information war” that goes beyond … Read more

How Ethical AI is redefining data strategy

How Ethical AI is redefining data strategy Industries such as insurance, which manages personal information, are increasingly paying attention to customers’ desire for responsible, transparent AI. By Damian Philippon March 28, 2022 AI (artificial intelligence) is an invaluable asset to companies that use predictive modeling and have automated tasks. However, AI is still having problems … Read more

Achieving Artificial General Intelligence may be why Pipe Dream

Have you ever wondered how a machine can observe, perceive and interact with its immediate environment and world just like humans? Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the ultimate frontier of AI and a precursor to the god-like concept of super intelligence, can make machines and software applications. Artificial General Intelligence, a concept that has not yet … Read more

The constraint puzzle demands both human and artificial intelligence

File image Posted on March 23, 2022 12:51 AM Dominic McNite Hardy The ongoing situation regarding sanctions on Russia is constantly evolving. At the time of writing, the global focus has shifted from imposing sanctions on companies belonging to key individuals and instead purchasing any Russian hydrocarbon cargo regardless of ship ownership. In addition, the … Read more