Russia’s Artificial Intelligence boom may not survive the war

Russia has been very busy last year with its military and civilian artificial intelligence efforts. Moscow poured money into research and development and Russia’s civil society discussed the country’s position in the larger AI ecosystem. But Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February and the resulting sanctions largely halted those efforts — and led to … Read more

A West Anchorage teacher is relieved to learn that his family has fled Ukraine.

Anchorage, Alaska (KTUU) – Young Lyalya Dudchini knows what it’s like to live in a basement without water, heat and electricity. After the Russian army laid siege to the northern Ukrainian city of Chernigov, his family took refuge there, among others. But according to her niece, Lilia Huseinova, a teacher at West Ankorij High School, … Read more

U.S. intelligence agencies warn that Putin could use Ukraine’s biden support to interfere in new round of elections

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. intelligence officials predict that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine as a pretext to direct a new campaign to interfere in American politics. Intelligence agencies have so far found no evidence that Putin authorized the actions that Russia is expected to take in the 2016 … Read more

France fears intelligence failures – Politico

Press Play to hear this article Paris – French intelligence does not seem so smart these days. Spies in the country have earned a certain cache in recent years, thanks to the internationally acclaimed TV series “The Office of Legends. ” But now they face accusations of mythical mistakes, especially in failing to anticipate a … Read more

Lafayette Art Class creates shirts, posters to raise money for Ukraine Lehigh Valley Regional News

EASTON, PA – Lafayette College students are getting creative to raise money for people in Ukraine. Lafayette’s graphic design class uses art for activism. Each of the students created a design for T-shirts and posters and chose Alexandra Kasparianová as the winner. “My idea behind it was, you know, everyone is denying Ukraine,” said Kasparian, … Read more

A resourceful boy escapes from Ukraine alone, persuading the Hungarian school to take her

Budapest, Hungary CNN – This is a regular school day for students at the Corussian Baptist High School in Budapest, Hungary – learning, showing lessons, laughing with friends. Among them is 17-year-old Ranska, a tall girl with long blond hair, carrying her fiery pink backpack from class to class. But Ranska is no ordinary student, … Read more

Vienna’s Ukrainian School Strives to Deal With Children’s Stream | World News

By Matthew White and Leonard Foger Vienna (Reuters) – Volunteers running a Ukrainian school to sit in Vienna have struggled to adapt because the number of children studying there has tripled in a matter of weeks. The school was only happy to accommodate the influx of refugee children fleeing the war at home, but the … Read more

Secret intelligence played an unusually public role in the Ukraine war

File – Avril Hines, Director of National Intelligence, appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 10, 2022, in Capitol, Washington, to investigate global threats. Secret intelligence is playing an unusually open role in the war in Ukraine. Intelligence agencies, especially in the US and Britain, are extraordinarily ready to share their expectations of what … Read more

Beacon College president rescues Ukrainian refugee family

Beacon College psychologist and Ukrainian native Dr. Oksana Hogerti said she could not do anything knowing that the lives of her son-in-law and her two daughters-in-law were in danger. Her husband, Dr. Beacon College President; George Hogerti joined them in March. You’re next, “Hogerti’s 15 – year – old daughter – in – law, Ulyana … Read more

The global food crisis is fueling an international class struggle

The US-NATO-Russia war in Ukraine has set off a global class struggle in a barrel of dust. Within weeks, the war and unprecedented US and EU sanctions against Russia have deeply destabilized world manufacturing forces, plunging already fragile global supply chains into chaos, boosting inflationary tendencies and crippling global food and gas production. People waiting … Read more