A Chicago college student who crashed into a building debris has been hospitalized for 2 weeks and is undergoing brain surgery.

The girl was seriously injured when the rubble of the Wicker Park building fell A 22-year-old woman is in critical condition following the collapse of a building in Wicker Park. Chicago – A senior at Columbia College says she was hospitalized for about two weeks after being hit in the head by the wreckage of … Read more

College students have filed legal complaints against university fossil fuel deposits

A group of students from Yale, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Vanderbilt filed a lawsuit in February to force universities to end their financial ties to the fossil fuel industry, which works with the nonprofit Climate Defense Project. The students allege in their complaints that their schools are violating the Uniform Prudential Management of Institutional Fund … Read more

Gentrification halted efforts to acquire Black Historic School in North Carolina, the lawsuit alleges

They planned to return the Torrance-Little School to its original condition to make it a school for African-American students in the community. The former educators hoped their four children could attend the school they wanted to open. But because this process has been going on for several years, this dream is now lost for their … Read more

George Mason University unveils monument to people who worked by the school’s founding father

George Mason IV, a prominent figure in Virginia history known for writing the State Declaration of Rights, which influenced several later documents, including the U.S. Bill of Rights, also had a complicated relationship with slavery, according to the Mason Heritage Center . Students “are often surprised to find that George Mason IV also had slaves,” … Read more

School councils to state houses, conservative mothers for freedom are pushing to increase influence

April 6 (Reuters) – Iowa’s Gov. Kim Reynolds surrounded herself with members of the conservative parent rights group Moms for Freedom last month when she signed a bill banning transgender students from engaging in girls’ sports. Florida Gov. Ron de Santis invited a member of the group to stand by him weeks later, signing a … Read more

Thousands of flight cancellations halt the seniors’ trips of local high school students

Airline cancellations are stopping seniors’ trips to local high school students The weather and other factors caused thousands of flights to be canceled over the weekend, forcing the local high school to postpone their adult trips. West Deftford High School students who were scheduled to travel to Disney World found out about the trip that … Read more

UT Austin is ranked among the top 4 public universities for graduate programs

Austin, Texas – The University of Texas at Austin is one of the state’s leading public universities for graduate programs, according to US News & World Report. US News recently released the latest edition of the best schools ranking for 2023. UT Austin is one of only four public universities with 50 or more specializations … Read more

The South Dakota Barn Coat Project encourages creativity and eloquence

Vermilion, SD (KCAU) – Barn Coat has a long-standing Midwestern tradition and is used by a South Dakota art project for healing. The South Dakota Strong is an art project in collaboration with the CDC Foundation that aims to promote community therapy in the aftermath of the plague. “It’s always a bright sun to see … Read more

The court allows the controversial admission policy for schools in Virginia to continue pending appeal

Alexandria, Washington – A federal court of appeals has received a request from a school system in northern Virginia to continue using an appeals policy in a highly selective high school, while appealing a ruling that found the policy discriminates against Asian Asian students. A panel of three U.S. District Court of Appeals judges in … Read more