Paramount and Moonves settle CBS #MeToo shareholder lawsuit for $ 14.75 million

CBS has accused investors of misleading harassment allegations CEO Moonves was fired after the women’s allegations were made public April 18 (TASR) – Paramount Global (PARA.O) agrees to pay $ 14.75 million to former CBS Corp stockholders in a class action lawsuit alleging that the company did not disclose allegations of sexual abuse against former … Read more

Upper grade students gain experience through a work-study program School news

Upper-class students improve their work experience, gain valuable customer service and business skills, and help local businesses meet their staffing needs through a vocational training and technical education program. Kenny Wutton, a senior at Stone Memorial High School and Lane Barwell High School, Cumberland County High School, both work at Cracker Barrel of Crossville. Barwell … Read more

Early study projects in Washington receive more than $ 43 million in grants News

OLYMPICS, washing. The Washington Department of Commerce has partnered with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) to provide a $ 43.2 million grant for 69 early education projects. Funding can be used to plan, expand, renovate, purchase or build facilities and early classrooms. “Early learning is an important part of a government’s critical … Read more

Tips for Finding Creativity and Creative Careers – Brit + Co

Mem Scroll. Header. Scroll. Interesting video of sea view. Scroll. Excerpt from the letter. Scroll. Sponsored Advertisement. Scroll, scroll, scroll. And so the carefree social spending routine goes on which admittedly takes up a lot of my time. just me? I didn’t think so. I don’t know about you, but most of the time when … Read more

Learning the Joy of Compassion | Ask your life coach

Dear coach, I am seventeen years old and naturally my friends are very important to me. I care about them, and when something bad happens, I sincerely regret it; like their grandmothers die, their loved ones break their hearts, their parents misbehave or fail an exam. But, when something really good happens; like when they … Read more

Aurora Shows Student Creativity | Parts

Art is open. There are no specific rules for expressing thoughts and feelings. The artist’s ingenuity is what allows the creator to talk to others and lay a thread that the audience never has. Each of us is an artist in some way. At East Kentucky University, Aurora hopes to showcase students’ literary and artistic … Read more

Students at the ISD Career Center and Technology Tyler create learning facilities to help students with disabilities News

Collaboration between the Career Center and Tyler Technology ISD and the Wayne D.C. Center for Exclusive Programs. Bashirs will make a difference for students with cognitive, physical and other disabilities. Since mid-January, students at the Vocational Technical Center have been working on a number of projects that will help Bashar students in their day-to-day activities. … Read more

The experience of learning virtual reality for nursing students comes from Germanna | Local news

The architects of a North Staff virtual reality lab say the new learning environment they have created is the first of its kind in the country and will soon improve the teaching experience for nursing students at the German Community College. “We were within an industrial-era education that moved people from 20 to 30 people … Read more

Job training expands opportunities for students in District 112 | Changasen Education

Eastern Carver County Schools offer a core curriculum for students. They have the opportunity to learn a trade and move on to production. Mark Lacey is a business training workshop instructor. The program includes about 12 students from the Academy of Arts Integration and Chaska and Changasen High Schools. While the district already had a … Read more