Tanya Streeter Teaches Chris Hemsworth Breath-Hold Techniques In Upcoming Disney+ Series ‘Limitless’

Champion freediver Tanya Streeter is among the experts that will be training actors Chris Hemsworth in various skills for the upcoming Disney+ series “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth.”

According to a Disney+ press release:

“Years in the making and with his friends and family alongside, including wife Elsa Pataky and brothers Luke Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth, Chris entered into ‘Limitless,’ determined to explore his emotional and cognitive health in addition to challenging his physical limits. Open-minded and honest, he worked tirelessly to enhance his mental resilience and face up to some of the toughest realities life holds for all of us. It’s an experience that is deep, authentic and humbling for Chris. In addition to his daring and emotional challenges, ‘Limitless’ also shares fascinating stories from around the world of people who have woven the lessons of longevity into their own lives, with surprising benefits we can all reap.”

Streeter appears in an episode where Hemsworth spends three days in a retirement village while wearing an aging suit that turns the simplest activity into a Herculean task. He’s testing the theory that the best way to combat aging and fear of mortality might not be to fight it but accept it.

Tanya Streeter trains Chris Hemsworth on breath-hold techniques. (Image credit: Disney+/National Geographic)

In addition to Hemsworth learning breath-hold techniques, he also learns fasting techniques in a separate episode that will lead him to spearfish for his next meal off Australia’s. Great Barrier Reef.

Chris Hemsworth spearfishing in 'Limitless with Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth spearfishing in ‘Limitless with Chris Hemsworth’ (Image credit: Disney+/National Geographic)

The six-episode series premiers on Disney+ beginning Nov. 16, 2022and you can watch the latest trailer below.

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