Teach computer science: Apply for the Code.org Professional Learning Program | by Code.org | Jan, 2023

Help today’s students become the superheroes of tomorrow when you empower them to learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and more.

What can you expect from the Code.org Professional Learning Program?

Proven results:

  • Code.org’s free-to-use curriculum is used in more than a third of schools nationwide. These span from large districts in Los Angeles and Dallas to suburban districts and small rural districts.
  • More than 100,000 teachers have participated in our Professional Learning program — and more than 90% of them would recommend it to another teacher!
  • A school’s participation in the Code.org program causes an estimated five-fold increase in the number of students that take and earn qualifying scores on the AP Computer Science Principles exam. And students who take AP exams are more likely to both enroll in and graduate from college.
  • With a focus on a customized experience, participants work in small groups to deepen their understanding of the materials.
  • Participants and facilitators have the opportunity to share expertise and collaborate on strategies to bring to their classrooms, giving participants a chance to learn from everyone in the room.
  • Multiple check-ins during your first year teaching the course and year-round access to the Code.org forum, an online professional learning community that offers continued support with tools and content.

Help more students get access to computer science!

If you’re already teaching computer science in your classroom — or if you’re a Code.org alum yourself — please help us spread the word! We have a number of resources tailored toward administrators or your fellow teachers.

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