Teachers’ creativity key to Independent Curriculum success: ministry

The Independent Curriculum emphasizes teaching flexibility and independence.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Teachers’ creativity in developing learning activities that are not limited to classrooms is key to the successful implementation of the Independent (Merdeka) Curriculum, the Curriculum and Learning Center of the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry said.

“Even though teachers conduct online learning, they can create activities to provide opportunities for students to explore inquiry methods,” acting Head of the Curriculum and Learning Center Zulfikri Anas said here on Friday.

To help teachers become creative in developing learning activities, the ministry has prepared materials related to policy rules and guidelines through the Independent Teaching platform, he informed.

“We are encouraging teachers to learn more independently, collaborate, and build learning communities. We are also preparing materials ranging from policies, guidelines, and models that can inspire,” he added.

Furthermore, teachers are being provided space to share their work, he said. Such spaces aim to allow teachers opportunities to be as creative as possible, Anas added.

Separately, education observer and national coordinator of the Education and Teacher Association (P2G), Satriwan Salim, said that teachers must become more creative since the Independent Curriculum is designed to provide flexibility in teaching and learning activities.

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“The Independent Curriculum emphasizes teaching flexibility and independence,” Salim disclosed.

However, teachers in each school must also continue to receive assistance to prevent implementation distortions, he said. The central government can collaborate with local governments in this regard.

“Schools are the closest to school supervisors who come almost every week to supervise the teachers. There must be a structured mechanism from the center to the school level through the Education Service, including supervisors. Please involve all parties related to education, especially in the region,” he suggested.

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As previously known, there are two ways in which the Independent Curriculum can be implemented. First, through the initiator school, wherein the principal must go through a selection first and then get assistance and funding.

The second way is an independent program wherein the implementation of the Independent Curriculum is carried out by schools independently.

“Both ways should receive equal assistance, in accordance with the principles of fair, democratic, and non-discriminatory education,” Salim added.

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