“Teachers teach and do the world good; Kings just rule and most are never understood”

Brooklyn Nets superstar Ben Simmons had a rather soft debut with the team during their preseason game against the Philadelphia 76ers. While the performance left room for a lot to speculation, former Most Improved Player Jalen Rose offered an interesting take on the matter.

Ben Simmons made his long-awaited debut in a Nets uniform earlier this week. Playing alongside the likes of superstar teammates Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the first time, Simmons struggled to establish an offensive rhythm for himself.

Having recorded six points, five assists and four rebounds in roughly 20 minutes of playing time, Simmons certainly looked rusty. Irving mentioned in the post-game interview that the 3x All-Star would get his game legs under him and it would be a developmental process as well.

The criticism regarding Simmons’ Nets debut also raised certain questions regarding his role in the team’s system. David Jacoby addressed this on Jalen & Jacoby when he asked Jalen Rose what Simmons’ role would be.

Rose responded:

“Teacher’s teach and do the world good. Kings just rule and most are never understood. I’m giving you the pieces on the chessboard. When you’re looking at Ben Simmons, he’s basically playing small-ball 5.

“He received the ball twice in the paint for dumps. You showed him on the post, around eight feet away from the basket. You know what you don’t see him doing? [Be] out at the top of the floor initiating the offense a lot of times, playing the 1.

“That’s what’s going to be different about his experience playing basketball with the Nets vs the Sixers. He won’t be considered the primary point guard, which doesn’t expose the fact that he doesn’t attempt shots outside the paint as much. “

Are we seeing the Ben Simmons x Brooklyn Nets blueprint? https://t.co/I9VZzoxmmZ

David Jacoby followed up with high praise for Ben Simmons playing in Brooklyn. Jacoby displayed a lot of faith in the 3x All-Star’s ability to perform well this season primarily due to his defensive and playmaking abilities.

Ben Simmons’ willingness to play the 5

Ben Simmons warms up before a game.

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