Teaching And Learning Platform Toddle Raises $17 Million In Series A Funding Round

Toddle’s current version helps improve day-to-day work collaboration and it allows educators across the globe to share teaching as well as learning resources with each other.

Teaching and learning platform Toddle has raised $17 million in Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital India. Tenacity Ventures, Trifecta Capital also participated in the round with existing investors Beenext, Matrix Partners and Better Capital.

“Toddle originally started as a passion project — as teachers, we were using 5 different tools to manage our work and it was a really painful experience. We wanted to build something that will make our lives simple,” said Deepanshu Arora, CEO and co. -founder of Toddle, said. He added that it is satisfying to see that Toddle is now being used by over 40,000 educators at more than 1,500 schools in over 100 countries.

The platform’s current version helps improve day-to-day work collaboration and it allows educators across the globe to share teaching as well as learning resources with each other. “With Covid accelerating technology adoption in schools across the globe, the global market for school software is projected to reach USD 30 billion by 2030 and presents a massive opportunity for companies like Toddle,” the company said in a statement.

Ashish Agrawal, the managing director of Sequoia India, said that the company’s school-led approach is refreshing. “The Toddle founders’ passion for education is palpable and has grown on us in the several years that we have known them. They have poured this passion into building a product which is widely loved by educators around the world. We are thrilled to partner with them in their quest to transform teaching and learning,” he said.

Rajat Agarwal, managing director of Matrix India, said Toddle has had a ringside view from the early days. “We welcome the new investors to this partnership and are excited to double down on our investment in Toddle,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gourav Bhattacharya of Tenacity Ventures, said that Toddle has built a “world-leading product” in a short term which is loved by educators as well as students. “We are confident that they will be able to achieve their vision of building a globally important education company, and are delighted to join the journey and fortunate to be able to support the Toddle team in this endeavor,” he added.

The learning platform was founded in 2019 by educators Gautam Arora, Deepanshu Arora, Nikhil Poonawala, Misbah Jafary and Parita Parekh. Prior to starting Toddle, the founders established a network within international preschools as well as worked with K-12 schools. “They decided to build Toddle because they observed extreme unhappiness among teachers with the technology tools they were using – teachers either had to use very clunky, legacy LMS solutions or had to spend a lot of time navigating disconnected tools that didn’t talk to each. other,” the statement added.

Initially, Toddle was focusing on IB schools. At present over 20 percent IB schools across the globe use Toddle, including countries such as the UK, US, Australia, UAE and China, the company said. Recently, it has expanded its product offering to other international curricula including British, Cambridge and American and is soon to launch a product for pre-schools.

Teaching and learning platform Toddle raises $17 million in Series A funding round


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