Teaching Burmese will begin soon in Mizoram University

The teaching of Burmese language and subjects will start soon at the Mizoram University in northeast India with the cooperation of Institute of Chin Affairs (ICA) and Mizoram University (MZU).

Teaching Burmese courses will start from next month and the teaching programs include a Burmese language diploma and communication skills, according to a joint statement of ICA and MZU.

“Our main purpose is not only for the university students but also for people from other fields who want to learn Burmese. Everyone who wishes to learn can subscribe. We already have a teacher who can teach Burmese subjects. There will be job opportunities in border trades, INGO fields when situations progress in Myanmar for someone who learned and is influential in Burmese”, Professor Lalnilawma from Mizoram University told Khonumthung.

“We believe learning Burmese will be beneficial in order to cooperate in international relations or other projects, that’s why we initiated the plan”, he added.

The assigned teacher for the project is Doctor Elis Thangi who has a Ph.D degree in Burmese literature. She is fluent in Burmese and Mizo languages.

The Burmese alphabets, terms and vocabularies, grammar structures, speaking and writings will be taught in the University.

The course has two semesters and the teaching period will last 10 months with 120 class hours. Additional 30 hours will also be reserved for self-study.

The tuition fee for the subject is 1000 Indian rupees. The cost for textbooks, learning materials and audio files for the entire course will be 1200 Indian rupees.

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