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In a world first, Victoria University (VU) will host a conference focusing on ‘block model’ teaching as the first Australian university to offer all its courses in this way.

Students engaged in block learning and teaching complete one subject at a time over a few weeks, instead of multiple subjects over the course of a semester.

International Block and Intensive Learning Association (IBILTA) President Dr John Weldon said the model is becoming hugely popular.

“The interest in block model was sparked, partly by the pandemic, but more substantially, by institutions and academics the world over that were driven by a genuine desire to find better ways to engage with students and provide improved outcomes for them,” he said. .

The model has been around for half a century and since VU took it on in 2018, the university saw an increase in student satisfaction, retention and pass rates.

The IBILTA 2023 Conference is being held on February 2 and 3, and emerged from what Dr Weldon described as “a higher education zeitgeist”.

VU said the online conference will open with Dr Weldon in conversation with VU vice chancellor Adam Shoemker, and Colorado College dean of faculty Emily Chan, who will discuss “the past, present and future of the block model”.

“The conference will provide a forum for academics from Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas to come together to share ideas, experiences, and research, with conference themes ranging from future trends in block learning to student welfare,” VU said. .

“VU’s Block Model system includes a dedicated and award-winning First Year College for commencing students, steered by a multidisciplinary team of specialist educators who design and implement a curricula that is engaging, authentic and focused on future success,” VU added.

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