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This weekly question from Your story Tests your domain knowledge, business acumen, and aspect thinking skills (See previous version over here). In this 31st edition of Questions, we present issues that have been addressed by real-life entrepreneurs in their early journeys.


What would you do if you were in their shoes? At the end of the question, you will find out what entrepreneurs and innovators themselves have really done. Do you do things differently?

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Q1: Local food

Fast-serving meals from around the world have spread beyond the first wave of burgers and pizzas, leading to local toppings and flavors. In India, Biryani, Samosa and Momo are also offered in D2C model. What are the future boundaries for online delivery of local food?

Q2: Electrical movement

With attractive cases for simplicity and minimal environmental impact, electric cars and scooters can be a significant opportunity in the mobility market. Comprehensive charging stations that are dynamically searchable can be more carriers. What is another way to qualify and select EVs?

Q3: Investment Journey

Getting product market fit and building an effective team are key steps in the initial journey. Gaining investor support can also help market size and growth. But investing comes with its own challenges for founders – what are they?

Q4: Customer analysis

Website logs and app downloads are the starting point for customer analytics. Interaction frequency, transaction volume, and repeat purchases provide in-depth insights into customer behavior. What is another area for mining customer intent and interactions?

Q5: Music scores

Combining and background music can greatly enhance the experience of consuming digital content. But it is a challenge to find the right music for the videos, especially at cheap rates. What better way to use a business opportunity here?


Congratulations on reaching this point! But there is more – the answers to these five questions (below), as well as links to articles with more details about entrepreneurs solutions. Happy reading, happy learning – and happy making!

A1: Local food

“Street food has a wider appeal than burgers, pizzas or waxes, but there’s still no big brand or chain that raises them in the regular segment,” explains. Gaurav Gupta, co-founder of MOPP Foods, a D2C startup.

It claims to receive around 25,000 orders a month with a Rs 8 crore GMV ARR. These brands include Mad Over Paratas and Pakodas, Miley and Mad Over Curry. Its special pakodas are made not to get wet but to remain gray during delivery. Read more about their suggestions over here.

A2: Electrical movement

“Battery replacement has emerged as a catalyst that will bring EVs into the popular category,” explains Varun Goenka, co-founder and CEO of ChargeUp, Battery switching network for electric rickshaws.

Obstacles to opting for electronic devices include the lack of adequate and fast charging options, and the cost of owning and maintaining an EV battery. Battery rental and replacement can thus be a reasonable choice here. Read more about EV battery dynamics over here.

A3: Investment Journey

“The challenge [of getting investment] That is, you have to work with someone else with a sense of speed and growth. And a good push to build your commitment, ”explains Rashi Narang, raises his head for the tail. Read more of her journey, which includes the A 37 million Series A round, here.

“If you think fundraising is very powerful and time consuming and demanding, then the withdrawal is at least three times.” Rohit Anand, Founder of 1 Digital Stick. He urges the founders to go out only when they are absolutely sure about it. Read more of his instructions here.

A4: Customer Analysis

“Negotiation analyzes perform predictions by providing rigorous information to prove choices,” explains Narin Vijay, CEO of Luminor.

From text-based email and social media, algorithmic intelligence can enhance context-aware voice interface technology. read more over here About the use of chat platforms to create user interfaces, chat bots, and virtual assistants. They can be integrated into messaging platforms, social media, SMS, web chat.

A5: Music scores

Over the years, the struggle to acquire and license music has resulted in a huge waste of time and resources within the creative workforce, according to Mansoor Rahmat Khan, co-founder of Beatoven.ai.

AI-powered music tech startups help content creators give them access to the best quality music, free from privileges, cheap, based on mood, and so on. The compositions were created using a technical combination of AI and music theory. Read more about how Getting Started creates original audio tracks based on user preferences. over here.

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