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The 2GEN Literacy Center and beyond, a non-profit educational organization in Port Huron that focuses on helping at-risk children and their families, recently received a $ 27,500 grant from the Community Foundation.

The 2GEN Learning Center is a “comprehensive two-generation approach (providing services to women and their children) that enables families to move towards economic security by raising the level of education (GED and qualifications for mothers and early learning skills for children) in addition to addressing non-academic challenges. motivates. obstacles that hinder their success, ”says It opened in the fall of 2017.

This grant is intended to support college expansion and career programming for GED students and 2GEN alumni.

“Heather Kendrick, a 2GEN GED alumnus and current student at St. Clair County Community College, appreciates her success in the help she received from the staff of the 2GEN Learning Center,” the Community Foundation’s website said. “She says,‘ As soon as you walk out the door, you know you’re going to be successful here. There is no shame or judgment for the weak, just support to help everyone. We all support each other here, staff and students. ‘”

For registered women, the 2GEN program includes certified teacher training, free on-site childcare for their children, coaching and individual counseling from a licensed counselor, opportunities to involve parents, meals, transportation assistance, and assistance to other individual student barriers.

“Providing comprehensive support and having a caring and professional staff is invaluable to the success of our program model,” program director Dawn Schweihofer told the publication.

The Community Foundation grant will help the 2GEN Training Center expand its support to GED students and alumni as they research and follow up on further steps after obtaining their GED certification. Support includes intensive and individualized counseling from a college and professional freshman, starting with a career search, and then step-by-step assistance to enroll graduates in SC4 or other certification or licensing programs through Michigan Works and other providers, he said. in a statement.

2GEN alumni who choose a partnership degree in SC4 are encouraged to attend the 2GEN Training Center, where they can benefit from a child care program, professional counseling, and a specialized training lab.

In addition, part of the grant will support 2GEN alumni who receive a partnership-level support scholarship, which is awarded annually to five 2GEN alumni. The scholarship includes a new laptop, a monthly life required for the scholarship and intensive counseling from admission to completion of the partnership in SC4.

For other alumni who do not receive a scholarship, the grant will help pay for several laptops while studying at the 2GEN Learning Center, which can also be taken home to complete their college course work.

Literacy and Beyond Executive Director Mike Hinckley said in the publication, “An important component of the success of our program is our commitment to building genuine relationships with the women and children we serve.” “We do this through acceptance, unconditional love and unwavering confidence in their potential. Creating loving relationships allows us to invite the women we serve and empower them to be the best they can be, which will have a life-changing impact on their children and the future generations of their families. ”

Public Foundation President and CEO Randy Myers said the foundation has been proud to support Literacy since 2013 and beyond, and staff members have established good relationships with Hinckley and Schweichofer.

“We encourage them to apply for grants when needed and their core mission is closely aligned with our goals around college, career and life success,” Myers said. “And both of our organizations have a strong love for helping single parents.”

“The 2GEN program at Literacy and Beyond is a perfect example of supporting community members to succeed in life,” said Hale Walker, chairman of the Public Foundation Board and former chairman of the Grants Committee. “2GEN programming provides tools and support to local single mothers to help them succeed in life by obtaining their own GED, and now with the expansion of their programming, this support is spreading through their academic degree or other professional certification. The students have done their best to get their GED, and now this grant will help them learn and follow the next steps towards their economic security. ”

Myers said the Women’s Initiative Foundation, the Youth Advisory Board, the Alex Lawrence Foundation for Education, the Wirth / Ogden Foundation and several others have been able to raise nearly $ 147,000 since 2013 to support Literacy and Beyond.

“They do a life-changing job and we are proud of their support,” he said.

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