The $ 8 million Series A selection for live expansion and training platform staff actually loves it.

BUSTON – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Voters, an employee training provider who will love people they will never forget, announced today the closing of the $ 8 million Series A led by Accomplice and G2O Ventures with Boston Seed Capital in the round.

The selective training platform adapts employers to non-traditional teachers based on employee preferences and organizational needs. More than 100 educators are now available on the platform, including professional athletes, high school business professors, improvisational comedians, FBI agents, social justice advocates and more. Class topics include new manager training, leadership development, storytelling, gender identity, and virtual sales.

“Corporate training is bad,” said G20 Ventures partner Mike Troyano, “… and it’s a big challenge when companies are more focused than ever on attracting, retaining and developing the best people. Today we all need to feel that we are developing personally and professionally in the workplace, and Electives is doing this by changing the workplace learning experience, through a community of amazing creators who tell personal stories and share important skills. ”

“The selection has redefined who the corporate coach is,” said Emily Michael, Signifyd’s Chief of Staff. Our staff received elective classes on “The Stowell Inn Rebellion History,” “The True Story of Liberation,” “How to Manage Burns,” “Effective Business Communication,” and more. The range of teachers and platform topics were incredibly impressive for our team. ”

Training and development opportunities have long been a priority for employees, but market solutions have failed to attract staff.

“As staff, we felt the pain of watching pre-recorded videos with multiple quizzes,” said Jason Lavender, co-founder and CEO. “Learning is a human experience. We need to communicate with the teacher as well as with our peers. Elective subjects bring humanity back to work and study. ”

The two founders met at the MIT Sloan Business School and were inspired by their internship experience at the school, compared to their on-the-job training opportunities.

“The corporate learning market is so fragmented with tens of thousands of independent providers that it doesn’t allow companies to find the right teacher for their organization,” added Cricor Zeronian, co-founder and COO. “Our market collects information for teachers and allows companies to make live learning easier with proven teachers.”

“Learning is a long process. We live in a changing world where content needs to be equally dynamic, ”said Ryan Moore, co-founder and CEO of Accomplice.

On elective subjects

Choosing a mission is to create the love of employees from people they will never forget. Founded in 2020, the company offers training and development courses with a twist: instead of traditional business-oriented instructors, elective course promotion courses, their teachers are sourced from professionals from a variety of professions; including psychologists, professional athletes, senior professors, and so on. The company also offers DE&I classes and tracks additional content after each class to increase retention and engagement. Follow the elective lessons Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information, please visit

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