The Amarillo College Fire Academy class celebrates 15 new graduates

On Saturday afternoon, the Amarillo College fire academy hosted a ceremony for its 15 new graduates at Grace Church in Amarillo. This class is the 50th class of an AC Fire Academy graduate.

The strenuous journey to become a firefighter began six months ago in the graduation class, starting with 20 candidates and culminating in 15 who met the requirements of the course.

As 15 firefighters trained as they entered the room with their heads held high for success, a lone Harli Estes graduate was invited to the stage to sing the national anthem. The fire brigades are dominated by men. Amarillo currently has 288 firefighters, with one lone woman in the department.

Amarillo Fire Academy graduate Harli Estes sings the national anthem at the graduation on Saturday.

Ceremony chief Steve Malley spoke enthusiastically about the current alumni class and the effort and teamwork in the group.

“In the fire department, you have the opportunity to impress every person you come in contact with,” Malley said. “As a firefighter, you now have a responsibility to help; you are not like the rest of the world. Go out and make the fire department a better place. “

Chief Steve Malley spoke at Amarillo College Fire Academy 50th Graduation Class on Saturday at Grace Church in Amarillo,

One by one, the graduates climbed up and received fire badges and a diploma. Jace Dellis, a prominent graduate, stood out among the graduates. According to Malley, Dellis had the highest final score of any previous graduate, with the best 93 in the class.

Renowned graduate Jace Dellis of the 50th Amarillo College Fire Academy addressed the crowd at Grace Church in Amarillo on Saturday.

Dellis follows in the footsteps of her father John as a firefighter after graduation. His father was a firefighter for Amarillo for 30 years. Dellis hopes to work for the Randall County Fire Department.

“It was quite a challenge and it helped me grow up with my father as a firefighter,” Dellis said. “I had a lot of conversations with him about work and during the training. As soon as I found out that I was the top of the class and had one of the highest scores, it became a goal for me. “

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