The BIC Corporate Foundation is sponsoring the ‘World Cup of Ideas’ global competition

The annual event, which attracts 100,000 participants, will focus on inspirational creativity in education

Registration is now open to individuals and teams from around the world. Monthly competition kicks off on International Creativity Day, April 21, 2022

Shelton, Conn., April 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – BIC Corporate Foundation Announces 6th Edition Title Sponsorship World Cup of Ideas, The biggest brainstorming event in the world where individuals and teams from cities around the world compete to solve social problems using the power of creative thinking. This year’s theme, How can we? Encourage creativity in educationCreated by the BIC Corporate Foundation for its global reflection of global need, potential for global impact, and direct reflection of the foundation’s core belief that creativity in education is the foundation of personal development and social change.

The World Cup of Ideas is a month-long non-profit competition founded in 2014 by Juan Prego, a leader in educational organizations and teams from all sectors to unleash the power of creative thinking and innovate their cultures to innovate further. شی. Each year, the World Cup of Ideas rewards projects that are likely to be implemented locally, nationally or internationally with prizes to bring their ideas to life. This year, winners will also have access to teachers from the BIC Corporate Foundation’s Corporate Action Society, an international coalition of teachers, researchers, foundations, artists, and NGOs to help maximize the impact of their views.

“The World Cup of Ideas is a true celebration of human creativity,” said Mr Prego. “We connect people from all over the world and harness their inner creative force, proving that if we put our heads, hearts and hands together, we can solve some of the world’s most pressing problems we face.” One, everyone can be creative, and through that. Creativity we can build a brighter future. “

This year’s theme urges participants to think about how creativity can move from an open concept to an applied element of the learning process; An essential life skill that can be taught, cultivated, and mastered in all disciplines throughout the global education system, and can be a tool for change that can be used to address the most challenging problems in society. “We believe that creativity is the key to a better future,” said Allison James, CEO of BIC Corporate Foundation. “With this year’s theme, our goal is to celebrate the development of the creative mind and to inspire movement around creativity in education for people of all ages and backgrounds.”

Five sub-topics with 30 additional questions were also created to address related issues and encourage participants to broaden their horizons, including:

  • Creating a creative culture: How can we create a transformative culture of learning that creates creativity at the heart of the learning process?
  • Environmental protection: How can we harness the power of creativity to address the major challenges outlined in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
  • The future of education: How can we revolutionize teacher training and development to create more creativity in the classroom?
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: How can we use creativity to address the systemic challenges of prejudice in our education system?
  • Networking: How can we build a network of creativity catalysts in our schools and institutions of higher learning to grow and develop our work?

World Cup schedule of ideas

  • April 4May: Organized events begin, and participants present their ideas
  • May 10May 13: The World Cup jury will review and shortlist the best ideas
  • May 13May 5: Specific questions will be asked by the judge directly to the idea creators to refine and improve the capacity of the idea.
  • May 5May 5: The finalists will be selected, and the online voting process will open
  • May 27: The winning project will be announced, and the city with the most ideas will be named “the most creative city.”

Registration is now open at for any person or group wishing to enter, the competition officially begins on International Creativity Day, April 21, 2022. The winning projects will be announced at the closing ceremony May 272022. For more details on event schedules and supporting webinars provided by the World Cup of Ideas, please visit

Since the start of the AIDS World Cup, it has attracted over 100,000 participants from 72 cities in 15 countries and generated over 34,000 views. In 2021, the main topic questioned how the community could mitigate the social and economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

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