The Bookseller – News – Bloomsbury completes purchase of environmental and science titles from UIT Cambridge

Bloomsbury has completed the asset purchase of a number of titles and associated brands from UIT Cambridge, the specialist non-fiction independent UK publisher known for environmental and science titles.

The publisher said the purchase enhanced and provided new subject areas for Bloomsbury’s special interest division and expanded its science and nature publishing program. It also gave Bloomsbury an opportunity to increase sales revenues outside the UK.

The 100 titles and IP being acquired by Bloomsbury fall into two separate imprints addressing different readerships. UIT Cambridge’s books are predominantly non-fiction books dedicated to making complex information accessible to a wide audience. Probably the best-known in the imprint is Sustainable Energy—without the hot air by the late Professor David MacKay.

Green Books, bought by UIT in 2013, focuses on sustainability and environmental concerns, with a range of books on topics such as organic gardening, sustainable building and the economics of sustainability to eco-philosophy and policy to healthy living.

Sarah Broadway, director of special interest publishing at Bloomsbury, said: “We see a good strategic fit for this acquisition within the special interest division. The titles are of exceptional quality, brilliantly and expertly authored, and are an excellent fit with special interest’s science and nature publishing which include Bloomsbury Wildlife, Helm and Sigma. It also very much aligns with our core focus of publishing for those communities who want to learn and increase their knowledge and have passions and interests in particular subject areas.”

Niall Mansfield, md and founder of UIT, said: “We have been looking for a publisher with the vision and enthusiasm that aligns with UIT Cambridge’s broad aims and objectives. The publishing world is changing fast and we believe the business of UIT / Green Books has found a good home in Bloomsbury, who will make a great success of our titles and get them to an even wider audience.”

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