The Bookseller – Rights – Bluebird to publish revised and updated version of Beattie’s classic book on codependency.

A new edition of Melody Beattie’s Codependent No Morefirst published in 1986, is being published by Bluebird — the first time the book will have been published in the UK.

Publisher Carole Tonkinson acquired UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, from Spiegel and Grau, agented by Susanna Lea at Susanna Lea Associates, to publish in print on 13th April 2023. The e-book will publish at the end of January 2023 along with the audio, which is read by the author for the first time.

First published in 1986, Codependent No More introduced the concept of codependency – losing oneself in the name of helping others – to popular culture, Bluebird says, adding that it has since become “a cornerstone of self-help literature”, selling more than seven million copies worldwide.

Fully updated and revised with 40% new content, the new edition includes a new chapter on trauma and anxiety – “subjects Beattie has long felt necessary to address within the context of codependency”.

The synopsis reads: “Is someone else’s problem your problem? If, like so many others, you’ve lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to a loved one’s self-destructive behavior, you may be codependent – ​​and you may find yourself in this book. Melody Beattie’s compassionate and insightful look into codependency has helped millions of readers understand that they are powerless to change anyone but themselves, and that caring for the self is where healing begins.

“With instructive life stories drawn from Beattie’s own life and those she’s counselled, personal reflections, and exercises, Codependent No More helps you to break old patterns, maintain healthy boundaries, and say no to unhealthy relationships. It offers a clear and achievable path to freedom and a lifetime of healing, hope, and happiness.”

Beattie said: “Thirty-plus years after it was first published, the essential truths of Codependent No More endure, but the world and I had evolved, and I was eager to update the book to reflect those changes. I was ready to share my personal story, and in the new chapter, ‘Soothe Yourself’, I wanted to share my understanding of how trauma, anxiety, and PTSD intersect with codependency. Someone’s substance abuse often triggers codependency, but I’ve expanded the scope to include a broader range of triggers and offer a wide range of inclusive resources. It’s my legacy and gift to us, and I hope it brings readers peace.”

Tonkinson said: “I’ve been a huge admirer of Melody Beattie and her seminal book since I read it decades ago. It quite literally changed my life and it was a joy to revisit again a few years ago when I wrote my Master’s thesis on. the topic. I can hardly believe that we are lucky enough to bring this new, updated edition to market not just in print but also in audio, which is read by Melody herself. This is a timeless work and it’s thrilling to help it find its way to new generations of readers. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Melody, the wonderful team at Spiegel and Grau and Susanna Lea and we intend to put this in the hands of millions of new readers in years to come.”

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