The Campus Restaurant offers culinary art students a North Central technical real-world experience.

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Students studying culinary arts at North Central Technical College test ways to run their own restaurant. With the help of the campus restaurant “Spoon”, students create their own menus and ideas to see how successful they can be in the real world.

“Spoon” is a fully functional restaurant in NTC where students receive training in operational work inside and outside. In the program, the kitchen teacher teaches the students in front of and behind the house.

“So we have some students who run the dining room, some students run the kitchen and put it all together. So they kind of see how the whole operation will work,” said Travis Tesca, chef teacher at NTC. Said.

When school starts in the fall, the kitchen teacher at NTC tells the students which menu they want to use in the spa. But when spring time passes, students tell kitchen teachers what they want on the menu. The menu depends on how many students are in the class, but each student will present their menu for their allotted time.

“It’s an opportunity for students to test their opinions and get feedback. Do people like it, don’t they? We can really make a living by doing this, ‘or’ Hey, that’s a great idea, but there’s no way to make money on it. ‘

Right now, the menu at Spoons is based on a Mac and cheese restaurant. But other ideas that come up include pizza, cashews and crevices, and a steakhouse dining club.

When it comes to recipes and creativity in menu creation, he said it’s not about memorizing recipes, it’s about technique.

“Anyone can follow a recipe. We want our students to get to a place where they don’t need a recipe. So we learn techniques like grilling, how to cook, how to cook, how to cook, and then Students can learn their creativity and enjoy the recipes they want.

Spoons are open only when students are learning how to run a restaurant, people are invited to explore ideas only through reservations.

“We’re a learning lab. We want to make sure we have some kind of control over how busy we are to make sure it’s a real learning opportunity. And we don’t put pressure on students, we put some pressure on them. We want to because the restaurant industry is busy and can be very stressful. But we want to make sure we only keep our weapons around it, “he said.

To make a reservation, call 715-803-1413

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