The children’s report highlights how they are performing, and how the pandemic has affected learning

Photographs from the Renaissance Study

Renaissance Learning has published a report on how the pandemic has affected education in the last two years. Three main conclusions from the report:

  • SHOW Overall, students are showing lower rates in 2021-22 compared to 2020-2021, indicating that the pandemic will continue to have a complex impact on student achievement.
  • grow Growth in the fall to winter for 2021-22 is stronger than for the same period in 2020-21, but remains below normal in most classes.
  • ЗЕРГУРУХХО Although rates and growth vary between subgroups of students and schools, most follow the overall pattern of lower rates, but stronger growth in 2021-2022 compared to the previous year.

See the full report here: R63609

Renaissance Learning Report: How Children Perform

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