The CommDay event of St. Bonaventure for high school students returns to workshops and personal presentations

April 8, 2022

The winners of the video, photography and writing competition were announced

Dozens of students and counselors from 10 high schools in the area attended the Gondoli School of Communication 2022 Communication Day at St. Bonaventure University on Friday, April 8th.

It was the first personal CommDay since October 2019 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Last year, Jandoli School hosted a virtual CommDay.

“I’m so glad we were able to welcome the wonderful high school students and their teachers back to the St. Bonaventure campus,” said Aaron Chimble, Dean of the Jandoli School. “CommDay is always one of my favorite days of the year and it’s stimulating to have so many young people interested in journalism, media and media visiting and learning from our wonderful faculty and alumni.”

The best CommDay video

CommDay, originally called Press Day, has a long history in St. Bonaventure since 1936. Since 1987, it has been known as Media Day.

Mike Wakaro, ’89, author of the main sports column in the New York Post, gave the keynote speech. This year, students participated in workshops on writing, design, press photography, advertising, media ethics, local news, video production, sports writing, sports broadcasting and a special live press experience with SBU-TV, the student news station.

Best Communication Day in the show

Students had the opportunity to submit their best work to the CommDay competition in the video, photography and writing categories.

Dean Chimble has announced the following winners, who will win scholarships if they attend St. Bonuncher. Scholarships will last annually for up to four years for students specializing in one of the Jandoli Schools undergraduate programs.

The recipients are:

The best photography
A $ 500 scholarship for students studying at St. Bonaire
CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean
“21st Century Issues”
• Jaden Stabb
• Gracie Haselberg
• Classic Shay
• Searia Babb

The best video
A $ 500 scholarship for students studying at St. Bonaventure
CA BOCES Career and Technical Education Center at Olean
“know you”
• Noa Randall
• Riley Martin
• Kent Little
• Kadin Cassidy
Eli Boser

The best writing
A $ 500 scholarship for students studying at St. Bonaventure
Rockton High School
“Miller’s Makes Brookton Her Hometown”
Joshua Bigelow

The best in the show
A $ 1,000 scholarship for students studying at St. Bonaventure
Perdonia High School “Technology in School”
• Sofia Botticello
• Josephine Tomaszewski
Eli Cook
• Chiara Monsour


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