The Crucible of Creativity tells the story of the art of the historic Bernstein School

An exhibition that tells the story of the Branstapol School of Art during the Art and Art Era opened at the Bernstepel and North Devon Museum over the weekend. “A Karbala of Creativity” provided by the so-called North Dion Athenaeum Library. It sheds light on the school, which in the early 19th and early 20th centuries, trained many important artists and builders in the district and opened on Saturday, April 2nd.

The exhibition is a creative project of North Devon and includes photographs, original documents and examples of work created by students and teachers at the Art School, including William Richard Litabi, a world-renowned architect and teacher.

Museum director, Allison Mills, says: “We are delighted to be able to bring this exciting exhibition together, creating a museum, ethnium and record office collection. Which is a big part of our program this year. “

The North Devon Etienne Library, named Erie, added: “Collecting items from the Barnestpal Museum, the Southwest Heritage Trust and the North Devon Etienne Collection, we tell the fascinating story of creating a creative crossbow in Barnestaple and North Devon, which. Not only have they created but also attracted some of the most creative influencers of their day; influences that have inspired generations and can still be seen in North Dion and beyond. “

The creative North Devon project is being co-sponsored by North Devon Etienne, the North Devon Record Office (Southwest Heritage Trust) and the Barnstaple and North Devon Museum. The goal is to bring a fascinating story around North Devon’s creative past to a wider audience.

Access to “A Karbala of Creativity” is free. More information can be found on the museum’s website ( or with any questions by emailing Ways.

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