The depth of the draft class will mean cents from the sky for the LA Rams

While the LA Rams will not help the first off-chess players in the NFL draft in 2022, they will not be looking for valuable prospects. The NFL 2022 draft class is rugged with talent, with quality NFL players successfully advancing to the deep rounds of Day 3.

While many fans consider the eight tips currently held by the Rams to be too small to get so excited, keep in mind that in the hands of Nerds Nest (LA Rams’ data analytics department), these tips have almost as much impact as Day. 2 tips from other NFL teams.

For example, the LA Rams seem to have won the introductions of the 2021 NFL season in last year’s draft from round 3 with internal defender Ernest Jones and round 4 with defensive defender Robert Rochell. The team even got playing time from the seventh round, because wide receiver Ben Skowronek saw playing time during the season and even in the Super Bowl LVI.

Of course, the success of any team whose most draft election falls on day 3 will be limited to chance. No matter how well the rams have examined, analyzed and set up their council proposal, they will depend entirely on who gets them in the NFL draft. While we try to guess who it might be at this early point, it only angers commentators whose favorite goals in the proposal now match that description, we all know on the day of the proposal that some highly respected newcomers will not hear their name as soon as expected.

So LA rams can be patient and wait. Is it harder to wait for other teams to go through the selection more than before? Or is it simply easier to watch some of the smartest and most talented college footballers rush to your doorstep and simply call their names when an entire NFL fan base floods social networks and begs them to swap them out for the next draft? to choose your favorite players?

I have no answer. But I know that some very special players will go to the Aries in this draft. When that happens, you can search us on social media and ask the Rams to choose our favorite players among all the others. Hey, we’re fans too.

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