The district to showcase the night of academics and creativity

High school East Rock Bond-like outfits will perform on April 6 at the TR Excellence Expo. (Photo courtesy of TR School)

TOMS RIVER – Students will have the opportunity to showcase their academics and their creativity for the first time at the Expo.

This is a free event, which will take place on April 6 from 5 to 8 pm at RWJBarnabas Health Field, on the campus of High School North.

While clubs and theater groups (for example) had the opportunity to show what they do for the parents of the children involved in these activities, it will be a night for everyone who is on a grand scale. Introduce your interest to the community.

There will be green fairs, robotics shows, performances from songs, drama clubs, dancers and bands. Students will present their Steam Capstone and Genius Clock projects. A lead educational group will host hand music, yoga, and a children’s theater. There will also be tables with local vendors, PTOs and booster clubs. Educational topics such as transfer to an adult, filling in the gaps to ASL, and multi-sensory phonics will be combined with information about the school’s Spanish heritage clubs, career academy courses, and Genius Hour activities.

Some residents may remember the Jersey Beach McFarlane, which was held from 2016-9. This daily event celebrated the integration of creativity and technology. The plague put kibbutz at large gatherings but now COVID regulations have relaxed. Teachers led by curriculum directors Rachel Sekala and Adrian Gould feel the need for another open house.

Genius Clock, which enables students to select projects of their interest and conduct the necessary research, will be presented by students during the TR Excellence Expo. (Photo courtesy of TR Schools)

“McFarland was very successful, and attracted thousands of participants each year, so developing this model was a challenge,” Gold said. “But we thought that introducing new elements of creativity, including the arts of music and performing, and giving our students and teachers more creative involvement would help engage more people. The response was overwhelmingly positive.” Is, and we look forward to seeing what we do here.

“It’s a real handiwork,” said Deputy Superintendent Cara Demio. “Parents who are simply looking to get their kids to do it can come and see it up close and personal. Young children can get involved in enriching the arts, learning how to operate a robot, or taking a yoga lesson.” Every student, from school to kindergarten, will find something interesting. Overall, it will be a family event and a real source of pride for our district as we give our students the opportunity. To show all the amazing things that happen.

The plan for the event was extended to the district’s schools. K-5 Curriculum Director Rachel Sekala assisted with DiMeo and Gold in guiding the event planning and organizing, in addition to Assistant Superintendent Rich Fastnacht, Educational Technology Supervisor Tiffany Lucy, and the managers, supervisors and Host of teachers.

Students will demonstrate their robotics skills, and guests will be able to test robotics skills. (Photo courtesy of TR Schools)

Gold said the programs identified are not just specific projects but enrichment activities that take place every day.

“These extraordinary projects and significant achievements are being covered on our website, through local media and others, which is great, of course,” Gold said. “But part of the expo’s mission is to showcase the day-to-day projects and activities, what our students are good at, engaging in, and it has an almost short-term but long-term impact on them as students. “

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