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After two challenging years where events were canceled or had to be held online, destination fantasy teams from Mahoning and Trumbull countries were able to compete individually with teams from both countries this spring to qualify for the national-international finals.

Two teams from Lincoln K-8 School in Warren and one team from East High School in Ingston qualified for the world after winning the state event.

The teams were in the post-COVID reconstruction phase following the cancellation of the 2020 tournament, 2021 was virtual only and 2022 was finally over, said Bob Cape, regional director of the Ohio Children’s for Creativity for a Destination of the Area in NE Ohio. Had private tournaments.

He said the Warren Destiny Imagination teams are competing in elementary and middle school level improvement challenges in May in Kansas City, Mo. Has qualified for the World Finals.

Also talented was the service learning team from Ingston East High School.


A six-member team from Eastern High School competed this season and won the project: for the next category.

Jane Constantino, a teacher at Ingston East High School and a team adviser, said that while she has qualified teams for national and international competitions over the years, this is the first time team members have been able to participate.

Constantino said they are raising funds and looking for help to send to the school.

“It’s very expensive, but it’s a journey that our students won’t be able to experience or do on their own if it’s not for DI. They were all very happy when they won in the state. , ”She said.

She said team member Andrew Staller “smiled in the ear” when the team received its trophy.

Constantino said the competition needed to be part of a science fiction story and a scientific element with props. The team focused on bullying awareness and had an anti-bullying awareness campaign.

“The team worked hard and practiced after school whenever possible. It was like a public service announcement. I credit the team work for them who were very successful this season. I’m proud of them. Cry when they win. I always tell teams not to let anyone tell you you can’t do something, “she said.

The team began preparing for the competition in January.

The team must raise more than 20,000 20,000, including bus transportation. Constantino said they expect to raise money so the team can travel the world and meet with teams not only from across the country but also from other countries.

“Nothing can compete personally,” Constantino said.

Cape said teams like the immediate challenge category because they don’t know what the topic will be until they get to the room in the competition.

Immediate challenges can take anywhere from four to five minutes, and students spend five minutes ahead of time with the solution.

Cape said seven teams competed locally, one from Ingston and two from Warren.

“It’s the best we’ve ever done with teams in terms of percentage,” he said.


The Lincoln K-8 is made up of a group of fourth-graders trained by Cara Vanity and competed in the Empro Festival Madness category using Hamas and information as they said about the festival.

A member of the team, 10-year-old Anthony Lapronika, said the team had La Tomatina, a festival in Spain near the Mediterranean Sea, in which participants throw tomatoes and engage in Roman warfare just for fun.

“It’s a celebration of throwing tomatoes. The team had to investigate six festivals from around the world. They didn’t know which festival would be best for them,” Vanity said.

Team member Cohen Hercules, 10, said the team used cardboard boxes as they said about the special festival. The team finished first in the regional competition at Bachelor High School in Cleveland and third in the state at Centralville High School in Dayton.

“It’s the first time we’ve had two teams from Warren that both have qualified. I’ve been a coach for 14 years and this is the first time I’ve had a team qualify for the World Cup,” Venti said.

The Lincoln K-8 Second Team is made up of 7th and 8th graders trained by Brandy Gas. The team finished first and third in the regional competition.

“It’s big for us. We’ve never been together in the state for a World Cup final because I’m the coach,” Gazo said.

The team also competed in the Improv Festival Madness category, researching at eight festivals. The team should discuss the Tampangos Storytelling Festival, which focuses on guiding the art of storytelling and storytelling for all ages. The festival allows members of the community – from young to old – as well as professional storytelling artists to perform for people in a variety of locations.

Brenna Macaulay, a 12-year-old seventh-grader, said the team had taken notes and provided scenes at various festivals so they were ready to be given any festival.

“We shared the research we did at the festival and used the cardboard boxes to tell about the festival,” said Dina Wagner, a 14-year-old eighth grader.

Macaulay said most team members have been part of DI since first grade.

Guyana Cleon, an 11-year-old sixth-grader, said it was her first year competing, so the team’s ability to compete internationally was impressive.

Ghazo said the team also took part in an immediate challenge event where they were given a topic to make progress.

“We don’t know what it is and you can’t talk about it later. It could be a building challenge or an action challenge,” Wagner said.

School principal Josh Guttierez said: “I’m really proud of both teams. It’s going to show that we have some talent at Warren.

However, Vanity said that due to World School final week in May and all travel-related expenses, the teams would not travel to Missouri.

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