The experience leads the Mitchell boys tennis last season in the Class A division – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL – The Mitchell High School Boys’ Tennis Team has one of its more experienced groups at its disposal in its last season in the A-Class competition.

The Kernels have six seniors on the roster who are entering the 2021-22 season, which officially begins on Friday at 1 p.m., at the triangle held at Brandon Valley Middle School against Yankton, last year’s state tournament vice-champion, and Brandon Valley.

Mitchell is still in the process of handling a flight order for the start of the season, as senior Macon Larson is still dealing with a crushed bone in his knee that knocked him out of the game in the last leg of the Kernels basketball season. Mitchell head coach Pat Moller said he was not sure when Larson would be available, but would be re-evaluated in the coming weeks.

“We have so many athletes in this team and it starts with Larson, who is a multi-sport athlete with golf and basketball,” Moller said. “He is quite successful in all these sports and brings us a lot of experience, as he has been playing university since the first year. … Right now we want to make sure he’s healthy, and when he’s healthy, we’ll put him back in the lineup. “

Over the past two weeks, Mitchell has begun training with each other and playing challenges to determine the order of the flight with Larson, who is missing in the 1st summer of singles and doubles. Challenge matches in their final pre-season training will also determine who will play in Years 5-6.

“Over the years, I’ve always thought we need to create the line-up that will be the best for this year and for the future,” Moller said. “This year is really not fair if we are doing it for these seniors, so I focused on what is best for our team, only this year and next year we will take care of next year. … Anyone who goes out and performs for the first few weeks will get a place at the university, and by the end of the year, if we’re all seniors, I like our chances. ”

Moller said his seniors bring a lot of maturity and confidence to the pitch and believe it is a benefit that not too many teams will have.

This puts one of Mitchell’s tennis players in a special situation. Luke Jerke, the freshman who was the only Kernels tennis player to win a state tournament title last year, will be one of three players to compete for a spot in Years 5-6.

At the start of the single season, Tyler Loecker will be in flight 2, Aidan Patrick in flight 3, and Jack Vermeulen will move from years 5 to 4. In 5.-6. Grosdidier will fight for a place in the last two flights.

Flight 3 has yet to be determined in the doubles game, but Drake Jerke and Patrick will play in summer 2 and Loecker is closed in summer 1 in doubles, but he still doesn’t know who his partner will be in the immediate future before Larson’s return.

Moller said any decision he eventually made would be the best for the team this season and should give him a better chance of a state title, especially with the experience everyone had gained last season when he finished fourth in the state tournament.

“Last year we had a lot of players who played at university for the first time and maybe we didn’t understand what tournament tennis is all about,” Moller said. “I think we have a lot of experience and we will be better prepared this year. Last year’s tournament experience seems to have motivated them to get on the court during the summer and winter and be ready. We are in a better place this year. “

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