The fast-learning eagles throw the West at the show

ST. LUIS – The Civic Memorial High girls football players are apparently quick learners.

The Eagles showed up on Saturday with a 5-0 lead over Hazelwood West at the Parkway College show at the Lou Fouss football complex.

The Eagles learned a lesson from Friday’s 2-0 defeat at Seckman High School.

“First, Seckman is really good,” said CM coach Eric Zung. “They controlled the ball and put the balls together throughout the game.

“I told our girls to learn from this and put it into practice today.”

Really fast learners.

The Eagles, who held their overall record of the season to 8-6, have control over Hazelwood West and the CM Wildcats defense in rare cases that the West has owned.

“People realize we can score and Garrett (Abrianna) is one of those who can do it,” Zyung said. “But controlling and moving the ball like we do today shows that there is more to us.”

Garrett, a sophomore, is a sophomore in the St. Louis area. He scored two goals on Saturday and has given him 24 goals this season, with five assists.

CM started the season losing two of their best players, Aubrey Wallace and Mia Lindley, to an ACL defeat.

Wallace and Lindley were both sidelined for the season after knee injuries a few weeks before the start of the season. Lindley suffered an ACL blow to his right knee and a meniscus injury while playing for a football team outside of CM’s season. The ACL Wallace tears came during a third-place game in the state basketball tournament at IHSA Class 3A.

Wallace was the Eagles ’best scorer last season and Lindley was their best defender. But Zyung said his team has learned to fight and has had good results this season

Garrett opened the scoring in the 10th minute when he fired a shot from CM’s Kaylin Ayello’s goal, hitting Western goalkeeper Olivia Askitro and scoring.

Five minutes later, Garrett scored 2: 0 when he scored from Madi Zyung’s assistant.

Avery Huddleston scored in the 25th minute from Belle Brusso’s assistant to make it 3-0. Then, in the 35th minute, Zyung brought the score to 4: 0, which was helped by Garrett.

In the second half, Zyung secured the victory with a 30-yard goal from a penalty kick in the 50th minute.

CM defeated the Wildcats 16-3.

Hazelwood West, who fell 5-4 in the season, entered Saturday’s game after a 2-0 win over De Soto on Friday.

“We connected the transitions and built the attacks today,” Eric Sung said. “It was a change of night and day from yesterday.

“We connected the numbers and went better, played north and south and even moved from east to west much better than yesterday (against Sekman).”

The Eagles will return to the Mississippi Valley Conference next week. They will play in Muscat on Tuesday and then play in Waterloo on Friday. Waterloo defeated the Eagles on March 29 at Betalto with a score of 2: 0.

“It was a great game to build for us in the future,” Zyung said.

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