The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen is a waste of valuable battery space.

Samsung launched a slew of new devices this week, and the most exciting is the S23 Ultra smartphone – as you can read in our hands-on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review. Of course, the company told us all about it, including its new cameras, new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy platform, and its new… um, cameras? Doesn’t this phone have a pen? Yes, but Samsung hardly mentioned it, and I wonder if anybody still needs the S Pen on this phone.

I can’t stress how weird it is that Samsung didn’t bother to spend even a minute of Galaxy Unpacked on the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen. It spent more time talking about the S Pen capabilities on the new Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360and that was only a passing mention.

All of the Ultra devices that come with an S Pen (Image credit: Samsung)

I wanted to see dancing S Pens. I wanted to see animated Galaxy S23 Ultra phones, in every color, in a flower arrangement flying through a white space with the S Pens orbiting around them. Tell me you can’t imagine exactly the promotional video I’m talking about. I deserve my dancing S Pen video, and I didn’t get it.

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