The grant aims to make the training a unique experience News

VIGO County, India (WTHI) – Several Vigo County schools have been awarded small grants. This money is used to give students a unique learning experience.

With mini-grants received by several schools, teachers gain more practical experience.

The Education Foundation has awarded up to $ 750 to various teachers in the Wabash Valley. One of those teachers is Kira Hatching.

She is an agricultural teacher and shows her students how to sow seeds. He said that’s not even half of what agriculture is good for.

“There’s more to agriculture than that, you can be a farmer, you can be a scientist,” he said. “You can be a salesperson, there are many aspects you can work on [agriculture] industry and that kind of gives them an idea of ​​what they can do other than be farmers. “

And the improvement club works in cooperation with the agricultural class.

“We’re trying to help build a butterfly garden,” said student Caleb Westerkamm.

Samantha Pearson, a 3rd grader, and Olivia Marrs, a classmate, learned about Pi Day. There were several stations spread throughout the classroom. They make bracelets and each number in pi represented a different color to connect them together.

“I just feel like learning is getting more and more advanced these days,” said 3rd grade teacher Samantha Pearson. “And we have a lot of demands on these little kids. So, everything that makes them get up and move and work together and make them excited again is our main goal.”

6th grade science teacher Pamela Runyan used her grant to buy rocket materials. She said her classmate likes to focus more on manual learning opportunities.

Runyan said, “The book is the work of the book. “It’s not that interesting and science isn’t the work of a book. You have to learn some things, yes. But, it’s more about work.”

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