The Headlage business thanks the staff for their hard work and creativity

7:00 PM March 26, 2022

Longtime employees at Suffolk Lamps & Home Appliances celebrate 416 years of combined experience as the business grows.

A team of 25 experienced employees at Jim Lawrence, the Heidelberg-based lighting brand, has contributed to the growth and development of the business for nearly 30 years.

The business, run by Jim and his wife, Sheena, is proud to dedicate its production roots and family.

It employs 150 engineers, welders, painters, designers, technicians, lighting and curtain makers and support staff, up to three generations of local families and a couple of husbands and wives.

Lee Saxby, head of the technical team, who has been in the business for about 20 years, said he had “seen a lot of changes”, adding: Products made.Monthly, while now there are 15 or 16 of us making 80 to 90.

“Jim worked with us in the workshop and he and Sheena are still on hand and coming down all the time.

“Our managers also worked with us once, so you build good relationships and new people are easily accommodated.”

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence started the company in 1994, when they decided to build a counterfeit on a farm building, making a small series of candles and lanterns for sale on farms and markets.

Expansion occurred rapidly, first to doors, railings and curtain poles and then to electronics, which now make up about 70% of sales.

Jim Lawrence moved to a new location in 2000, expanded his original farm building, and has been growing ever since.

Mr Lawrence said: “Sheena and I are incredibly happy to be surrounded by so many loyal and long-serving colleagues who have made our business what it is today.

“Their hard work and creativity have transformed the kitchen table enterprise into the inspirational British brand we have today.”

Earlier this month, Jim Lawrence announced the acquisition of Suffolk Glass, an artist glass manufacturer based out of Clare.

All five employees of Suffolk Glass have been retained in the merger, which Mr. Lawrence described as a “natural step” for both businesses.

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