The Limbo Accra profile series seeks African creativity

Limbo Accra speaks of African creativity through our series of profiles

In a series of profiles with Lambra Accra, a local design studio in Ghana, we meet with this rich network of collaborators and celebrate creativity in Africa and its diaspora.

Over the past year, Lambo Accra, a local design studio in Ghana, has teamed up with Wallpaper * to create a series of conversations, engaging with creative experts who promote the studio, in Africa and its diaspora. From democratizing the architectural vision through photography with Gerald ‘Cooper’ Cooper of the Hood Century, to design challenges with Alaska’s Tawanda Chiwishi and to empowering the next generation of African designers with Nambilio studio’s Nafimi Marcos Bello, To argue with urban reality. Artist Ibiye Camp It is a series celebrating the creativity of Africa in the West and beyond.

The Hood Century

June 19 (June 8) at Limerick Park, CA (left); And RIGOS # 6: Burbank, CA (left). Photography: Hood Century

Hood Century is an online platform founded in 2019 by Gerald ‘Cooper’ Cooper. The project, a fusion of black culture and modern architecture, was conceived in Cincinnati as a place dedicated to documenting medieval finds from Cope’s childhood neighborhood. By doing so, the platform soon became a springboard for opening up a myriad of topics, exploring the crossroads between archiving, education and performance in the field of urban conservation. Coop and Dominique Petit-Frère, founders of the Ghana-based local practice Limbo Accra, are connected to the built environment through their common area and how it is experienced through the lens and vision of Africa and its diaspora. The fruit of their collaboration is emerging in a new architectural initiative that is set to unfold in Accra by the end of the year. As a black person, Cope often feels frustrated when navigating design spaces. He says, ‘We love architecture and design, but we want to feel like we have a part in it. ‘Why is the dominant way of delivery [art] In the White Gallery? What if black art was never created for this place? read more

Alaska’s Taunda Chiveshi

This piece presents photographs related to the late Anna Farm of Taunda Chiveshi. ‘She made it [it] From land only through dealings with the local community, ‘he says. At the head of the ethics that led to its development and what form the farm represents my identity, her attention and eloquence towards structure, palette and antiquities will always be a source of inspiration for me. Photo: Artwork by ALASKA ALASKA c / o Tawanda Chiweshe

Tawanda Chevish is a ‘creative navigator’, designer and director of Alaska Studios, a London-based multidisciplinary design practice founded by Virgil Ablo. The studio was created as a place for young talent development in the industry, giving them career-changing opportunities and thereby empowering a new wave of black design innovators. Chewish and Lambo Accra have teamed up to expand Dominic Petit Freire’s Freedom Skate Park, Ghana’s first amusement park. However, their relationship is beyond that. They share philosophies about the “power of design communities”, the importance of communicating interestingly, and the importance of using it to create remarkable design solutions. As Gerald ‘Coop’ Cooper, founder of digital platform Hood Century, comments on the power of language in design, in a previous article in the series, Chavez recognizes that the design world is often left out of a process Parts which is sufficiently ‘opportunity’. He emphasizes that Alaska Alaska is working against these barriers ‘by empowering those who make his thoughts verbal’ and ultimately ’empowering those in his orbit to do the same’. read more

Nefimi Marcos Bello

What started as an industrial design studio now operates in Lagos and operates in Lagos has expanded to several design disciplines, with Marcos Bello winning the Lifetime Achievement of the Year at the Wallpaper * Design Awards 2021. The studio’s recent collaboration with Limbo Accra – from activating sites at Scott House, to their joint design competition, ‘Africa – Designer Utopia’ – puts both creative practices in their generational design vanguard, Africa. Encourages people on and off land. After years of working in telecommunications as a designer, Marcos Bello was inspired to start his own design studio in 2017. Despite warnings of production restrictions in Africa, Marcos Bello believes that “there are many restrictions that people are removing,” [but] I see a lot of opportunity [in them]’. read more

Ibiye Camp

Go to camp Site Snap Tools (Data: New Black Gold)

Ibiye Camp is a versatile artist and lecturer at the Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London. With a Nigerian mother and English father, the camp work reflects her nurturing, hiding binary of her identity. In addition to promoting London’s East London street market background, with “Plantain, Yam, Scotch Bonnet, Lace and Dutch wax print market stalls”, Kemp found himself “in search of Nigeria”, a trip to his Manifested by an all-encompassing presence at work. Fabrics, market stalls and work themes in public places. Camp reflects that he was always interested in architecture. She applied to do an MA in Architecture at RCA – created by Opportunity to explore the multifaceted relationship between social and architecture. With a passion for technology, Kemp researched data centers, and how ‘imperialist structures affect Internet access in Africa’. She began using photography, scanning data exchange moments in places like the balloon market in Lagos, in order to better locate documents in such a way as to “represent the actions that take place in them.” read more


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