The Narcissus Middle School Odyssey Brain Team competes for the world title

Mind Odyssey teaches students how to create and use their natural creativity to solve problems. Students face challenges that require real solutions, and then develop teamwork, skills and confidence to solve those problems.

Seven students from Narcosi Middle School, two from seventh grade and five from eighth grade, are set to compete in the OM World Championships next month, after finishing third overall in the state last month. Show location. The Narcosis team took first place in the Unexpected Trouble category and third in the Long Trouble category among the 18 teams competing at the Orange County Convention Center.

Problems cover a wide range of skills required – creation, writing and even performance. One example of the problem is to design and build a structure made only of balsa wood and glue, which, if desired, weighs as much as possible after being used to hold a moving object.

Jessica (eighth grade) and Christian Tapia (seventh), a brother and sister team, feel the program is an exciting place for them to bring their ideas and creativity to life in the form of art. They said they like to express themselves and feel listened to. They are thrilled that they are experiencing this together and have learned great skills, created lasting memories, formed partnerships and are eager to represent their school, country and state in world competitions.

Joel Dominguez, who has been on the show for five years, wrote, “Odyssey allowed me to work with amazing people and be as creative as I wanted them to be.”

“OM is a combination of the arts or science and technology,” said Stephanie McQueen, a middle school teacher who trains the OM team, along with two colleagues.

Instructors are not allowed to share any ideas or suggestions during the competition, but can ask questions, encouraging thinking among students.

“Everything is up to the children,” McKeown said.

Delilah Rodriguez, team member Dominic Rodriguez’s mother, says the OM program helped her son, “think outside the box and be afraid to express yourself individually.”

Team member Mia Lewis is on both the brain team Odyssey and the robotics team that also competes at a high level.

The team will now need to raise money for a trip to the World Championships on May 25-28 at Ames University in Iowa. The team is about 12,000 less than their goal as of this writing. Contributions can be made at https: // bit. ly / 3DNIPdw.

Mind Odyssey is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring classroom creativity. OM started 40 years ago and relies on a network of volunteers or OMers to take the program to schools across the country.

The program covers all age groups, from kindergarten to college teams. There is a non-competitive K-2 division, and then four age-specific divisions.

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