The neighbor is trying to save the shooting from Oberland High School near campus

AURORA, COLO (KDVR) – Neighbors near Oberland High School who heard shots on Friday are still shocked by what they saw and heard.

“There was a gunfight. There were probably 17 to 30 kids running around and shooting at each other,” Anthony said, as he tried to save the boy who was shot.

Anthony, who wants to keep his face and last name anonymous for safety reasons, said his paternal instincts worked as soon as he looked outside and realized what was happening.

“I looked outside and saw a boy lying face down,” Anthony said.

Arpaho County coroner confirmed the identity of 15-year-old Christian Lopez. He would have reached the age of 16 in May.

Cherry Creek School District confirmed Monday that he was studying for a B.A. at Oberland High School.

Lopez’s family created a verified GoFundMe:

Christian was born on May 17, 2006 and changed our lives for the better. He had a heart of gold and while he was shy, he was full of life, radiating positivity, joy and love. He was a student at Oberland High School. He loved video games, the beach, cars, anime and the Ono game. Our loss is an unimaginable tragedy that our loved ones and our community will struggle with for many years to come.

The Lopez GoFundMe family

Anthony said both he and his 19-year-old son tried to perform CPR and put pressure on Lopez’s gunshot wound, in an attempt to save his life.

“He did not suffer. It was immediate. There was no pain. I reached him about 20 seconds after that last shot,” Anthony said.

Since the shooting, he has been in constant contact with Lopez’s family after connecting with them on Facebook.

“They indicated he was not a gang member, they were surprised he was in this area because it is not his area,” Anthony said. He said the family is trying to recover.

“I think he was hanging out with the wrong kids and those kids were confronting the gangs,” he said.

Pain for the boy, he said he cares about their safety and hopes that recent schools that have seen an increase in violence among teenagers will make the changes to keep students safe. He suggests adding medal detectors so students can not bring guns or knives inside.

“I think Aurora has changed, especially the school system. It seems like a crib for gang members,” Anthony said.

The school district said they would have campus support for students they stated in a letter to parents Monday.

“We are writing to you so that you can have conversations with your child, if necessary. Undoubtedly, the unexpected news requires an open eye including behavior at home and communication through technology.

“There is no right or wrong way to deal with death, but there are some things adults can do to help children get through this difficult time. We include links to resources that may be helpful in helping with any conversations you have.

The mental health staff will be available to support the students when school resumes after the spring break. In the meantime, if students need additional support, the following resources are available:

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