The Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship waives the requirement to attend the class in 2022

Due to the challenges faced by city students during the coronavirus pandemic, seniors will be eligible for the Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship, even if they missed more than 10% of school days.

Students in the class in 2022 will need to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and attend a PPS school or one of its charter schools from 9 degree. However, the fund postpones its requirement that students have at least 90% attendance in order to be eligible for support.

“We have concluded that the student class in 2022 will have difficulty attending due to exposure to COVID-19 and the shift between distance and personal education,” said Promise CEO Saleem Ghubril.

This is the second year that the standard of traffic has decreased. In class 2021, the GPA and attendance requirements were waived, also due to the interruption of COVID.

During the pandemic, Pittsburgh Public School students spent more than a year learning distance learning. Some have reported persistent problems with technology and WiFi. Teachers say that participation was rare and that student involvement was challenging. And even though personal classes returned this year, many students spent time away from school due to illness or exposure to COVID-19. The lack of bus drivers and substitute teachers also kept students at home.

The fund provides up to $ 5,000 per year (maximum $ 20,000) per postgraduate student at any Pennsylvania college, university, business or technical school. It is a “last dollar” scholarship, which means that it pays expenses after deducting other grants and scholarships.

Ghubril noted that post-secondary numbers had declined at the local and national levels as a result of the pandemic. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the number of students enrolled at the national level has dropped by almost 7 percent since 2019.

“We hope to mitigate the decline in class enrollment in 2022 to the extent possible,” he said in a statement.

The fund was launched in 2008 with the promise to fund students through the graduation class in 2028. To date, Promise states that it has invested more than $ 160 million in scholarships provided to 10,645 graduates. According to Promis, 3,780 scientists graduated.

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