The playoffs officially begin, with Demar DeRozan, Tristan Thompson speaking and other Bulls bullets

When Hawks and Pelican are at their respective conference last night at 8 a.m., it’s officially playoff time!

Operation begins today with four games, including the Raptors-76ers as the Eastern Conference’s single game. So tomorrow, the Hawks-Heat and Nets-Celtics will have their fights before the Bulls play the Bucks, at 5:30 CT on TNT. The love of basketball in me is ridiculous, hyped for a weekend full of playoff rings. Buffy Bulls is in me a mix of excitement, fear, hope, vodka and a little bit of heartbreak.

Bring it on!

• If you’re looking for a reason to run away from a brick wall today, the Bulls have provided us with this amazing video:

• After a final internship at the Chicago Bar Center, Tristan Thompson spoke to reporters before heading to enemy territory. I went on to get a few people to light their torches and get their pipes on Twitter with their first reaction to KC Johnson’s tweets about one of his comments and I will first share this tweet below:

• Now, before I go into my thoughts, here are some of Thompson’s exact words:

“It will be a good opportunity for Zack. I called himas well as, ” Thompson said. “It must be Zach LaVine” the party came out. He should be the best guard in the series… Can you do that in the playoffs and be like D-Book in the last two playoff games? Where everyone is talking about you, you have to be All-NBA. So, I called Zack. He accepted it. He wants to be great. “

• I totally understand and accept that Thompson was brought to Chicago for a veteran leader and vote in the locker room. If you go back and read some of my thoughts on the first signature, I would be very complimented and would love to see what he can bring to the table. Also, to this day, I’m confident he can make a difference thanks to his past playoff experience. With that said, there’s only one thing that makes me wrong is that Thompson “challenges” the team’s best talent (he also seemed to question DeRozan and Voch), especially in a situation where he tells LaVine , to be more. like Devin Booker. I’m not sure this kind of vocal guidance they need from him. I could be wrong.

• Thompson is a guy who has been in town for 2 months now and plays about 15 minutes a game. Also, if we are honest, his contribution has been negligible so far (perhaps this will change in the playoffs). His words should Thanks to his final experience despite his impact on the field he weighs a bit, but I also don’t think the experience means a carte blanche. I do not know. I completely understood why some people asked me if Thompson should call his colleagues that way. However, I believe there is a lot of responsibility behind the scenes and maybe this “problem” shouldn’t be told out loud to the media. That’s all.

• If you don’t agree, by the way, I agree with it 100 percent. I agree that in this case I am in the minority. There is also a real possibility that his words will have a positive effect on children like LaVine and Vuевичeviевич. I want him to continue this team advice, I just hope he does it right at an important moment of the season. Oh, and I also hope he doesn’t get asked again about the playoffs in 2014-15:

• Look, I’m not spending my team re-hashing beef that was more than half a decade ago (don’t start me in Blatt’s time-out), but I think it’s an amazing thing to say in about the franchise you are currently eligible for. for. I’ll leave it at that.

• KyloRenMore.gif

See, that’s another reason why bringing DeMar DeRozan to Chicago should cost every penny. While his impact on the field was undoubtedly huge, his leadership has definitely improved over his time with the San Antonio Spurs recovery team. Not only do I imagine he personally helped Aya Dosunmu and Patrick Williams at work in his game, but there is no doubt that these impressive youngsters have received inspiration by seeing his work every day. Dosunmu’s average game, although relatively small in size, was particularly interesting throughout the year. His 51-percent clip is listed on the 92-percent NBA rankings in a Cleaning the Glass report.

No one has scored more points this season than 13-22 feet from The Midrange King.

I kept my fingers crossed, which is the only case we’ll see in the next two weeks.

The Atlanta Hawks lost primary center Clint Capella to a horrific leg injury in the semi-finals of the Play-In semi-finals yesterday, but he seems to have avoided all serious trouble.

Meanwhile, the Nets are still hoping they can field Ben Simmons for the first time this season.

I like it.

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