The Regen Ag 101 virtual training course is now free for FFA advisors, vo-ag instructors

FORT PAYNE, Ala. – Professional agricultural instructors and FFA consultants for grades 7-12 will be given free access to an online course on renewable agriculture, Regen Ag 101, the Nonprofit Soil Health Academy announced today, March 29th.

Thanks to a grant from the World Food Company General Mills, SHA is offering the course in the first place.

“Much of the SHA’s educational efforts in the past have been to help farmers in transitioning from traditional restoration practices to improving soil health,” said SHA President Down Breitkrutz. “By providing vo-ag instructors and FFA consultants with Regen Ag 101 soil health education resources, we hope to have an early and positive impact on future generations of farmers.”

An online, stand-alone and interactive media experience, Regen Ag 101 features video lectures, case studies and supportive research from the best live workshops of the Academy of Soil Health across the United States.

“The online course is about how renewable agricultural principles and practices affect ecosystem performance, nutrient density and other broad benefits,” said Shane New, managing partner of the Academy of Soil Health Understanding Ag, LLC. . New is also a creator of the Regen Ag 101 course.

“As a former FFA member, I appreciate the role of FFA advisors and vo-ag instructors in creating a training base for our future farmers,” New said. “This grant is a great opportunity for these high school and middle school teachers to gain a deeper understanding of soil health principles and practices.”

In addition, General Mills will provide scholarships for high school and middle school teachers to study for free, one of the three-day SHA schools on the farm in 2022 – also offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The Academy of Soil Health and Understanding Ag remain key partners in our efforts to educate and support farmers as they adopt renewable agricultural principles,” said Mary Jane Melendes, Chief Specialist for Global Sustainability and Impact, General Mills. “In addition to our ongoing on-farm rehabilitation work with the Academy of Soil Health and Ag Understanding, these scholarships will help educate and inspire rural teachers and students about the hope of a healthy soil – and build an educational foundation for future generations of successful farmers and ranchers. bring up what is renewable. ”

Teachers and counselors wishing to enroll in a free online course or take a free three-day SHA course can visit

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