The San Jose School District pay $ 102 million to students who have been abused by the teacher

San Jose – A jury awarded $ 102.5 million to two women who sued a school district over what they said was a failure by officials to prevent a middle school teacher from sexually cultivating and abusing them as minors. Parents have repeatedly complained about the former music teacher, who has been sentenced to more than 50 years in prison.

The two prosecutors said they were repeatedly abused by former music teacher Samuel Nape while middle school students in San Jose began 2009 for one student and 2014 for another student, Mercury News reported. The women, identified as Jane Do1 and Jane Do2, received $ 65 million and $ 37.5 million in compensation, respectively, as announced Tuesday in the Santa Clara County Supreme Court.

Lauren Sri, a lawyer who represented Doe 1, said the ruling shows the community’s intolerance of a school district that puts its reputation and image above child safety.

“Parents who complained year after year that he was a predator, they did nothing, and should have fired him years earlier,” Cherry told Mercury News. “This ruling places full responsibility on them and says it should never have happened and could have been prevented so easily.”

Nip was arrested in 2017 after Doe 1 told police he threatened to post nude photos of her online. She told police he started around 2014, when she was 13 and a student at Dartmouth High School in San Jose, Nip texted her and said he found her attractive and spent time with her alone in his office, then engaged in sexual acts with her. She also said Nip continued to sexually abuse her as a high school student when she visited the Dartmouth campus.

Doe 2 contacted police after seeing news of Nip’s arrest. She told police that around 2009 when she was a middle school student, Nape started sending her text messages and emails, and regularly spent time with her alone in his class, arranging for her to be his assistant in the class. She told investigators that Nipp began making sexually suggestive remarks, holding her hand, kissing and touching her while they were alone together in his class. She also claimed that the abuse continued after she graduated and visited middle school.

The two women sued the Union School District in 2019 and accused the principals of improperly handling or reducing the teacher’s misconduct. Their lawsuits, which were consolidated into one trial, said district officials woke Nip but never officially punished him. He continued to receive exemplary performance reviews and received tenure before his arrest.

In September 2019, Nip did not file a lawsuit against a dozen criminal charges related to sexual abuse and received a sentence of 56 years in prison. Nip, 39, is currently in the California Detention Center in Kern County, southeast of Bakersfield.

Superintendent Carrie Andrews, who took over Union School District last summer, did not comment on the ruling in a statement, but wrote: “I want our community to know that the safety of our students will always be our top priority.”

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