The study of obedience to God is the subject of a conference of diocesan women

When God told Sonia Corbitt that she wanted to learn how to relax, her first response was harsh. “I’m not tired!” But she said: “I realized I wasn’t calm. The rest is not idleness in the Bible, the rest is God Himself. ”

Corbitt, Stephanie Burke of the Avila Foundation, and Bishop Michael F. Berbege spoke with 475 women who dared in the sudden snow on March 12 to speak at a diocesan women’s conference at St. Joseph’s Church in Hernandon on “True Presence to Calm the Present”. »

“I knew that a little bit of snow today would not keep the strong and loyal women of the diocese from afar,” Bishop Berbig said before Mass.

Snow is a sign of grace. It’s going to be a good day, ”Burke said.

Corbitt, a Catholic from Tennessee who grew up a Southern Baptist, recounted how he learned to listen to God and find peace in Him. His talk entitled “Just Rest: Receive God’s Renewable Presence in the Deserts of Your Life” is based on his last book of the same name, Exodus Study.

Corbitt, who calls himself on social media “Bible Study,” has developed a method of studying the Scriptures called LOVE the Word, which is a modern review of the ancient practice of monastic prayer lectio divina.

He talked about getting to know God’s ways, including “the way of the wilderness” and “the way of the word,” and learning to listen to God’s voice through prayer.

“Did you read the daily reading today?” She asked. “There was a word for you – did you miss it?”

He noted that many people in the past have things that need treatment and called on those present turn to God with their needs. “Ask him and then wait,” he said. “Trust it, just trust him. When you feel lonely and unloved, don’t go to the fridge or a bottle of wine – go to him. He knows what you need. Follow his example and work with him. “

Burke spoke of healing from a troubled young man in which he felt “unwell and irreversible.” After her first failed marriage, she dedicated her life to God and enrolled in the Catholic Assembly, where she met her husband, Catholic convert and author Dan Burke, former president of EWTN News and founder of the Avila Spiritual Development Institute.

She said she understood that it was a “radical zeal that the Lord was calling us to and that’s where she would meet us.

“You, my sisters, are called to heal, because when you heal, you heal others,” Burke said. “Affected people hurt others, but healed people heal others.”

Bishop Berbig said in his speech, “We are called to conversion and change every day and the holy season of Lent will help us in this process. Today, not only tell the Lord what you want to do for him at the end of the Day. do what you want him to do for you.

“Jesus assures us that there will be no unanswered prayers,” he said. “His answer may not be what you expected or wanted, but he gives us exactly what we need. finish. ”

He urged those present to “take away everything in your life, not from God, that you may love him with all your heart and soul and keep in mind his reconciliation with one another, especially those who have offended us. or offended. If we live this way, we will know the peace of the Lord, and we will always have our best Fast. ”

Participants Catherine Link and her daughter Margaret Lehmann, followers of Mother Church of Angels in Woodbridge, said they found the presentations inspiring and appreciated the speakers ’in-depth personal exchanges.

Miriam Polo-Petros and her mother, Loan Nguyen, guardians of the Basilica of Mary of Alexandria, said they appreciated the reminder to seek the word of God in daily readings.

“We need to do more of this,” Nguyen said.

After lunch, Bishop Burgundy held a hearing in preparation for the Synod of Bishops in Rome in October 2023, entitled “The Synod of Synodalism”. This term refers to an examination of how the church listens to many of its components and participates in dialogue.

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