The Tuano Middle School Choir will perform at Richmond Raceway

An official NASCAR Pace car is parked in front of Tuano High School on the occasion of the students’ upcoming show at Richmond Raceway on April 3rd. (WYDaily / Dominic Catacora)

TOANO – Tuano Middle School choir students are getting ready for a big show this weekend in Richmond, Washington.

The school choir was chosen to perform its performance of “God Bless America” ​​during the opening ceremony of the 67th annual Spring Race of the NASCAR Cup Series at Richmond Raceway.

Tuano Middle School Choral Director Valerie Hart. (WYDaily / Dominic Catacora)

On March 25, one of the official NASCAR Pace cars arrived at Toano Middle School for the upcoming show.

“If it was a teen raffle, they feel like they won it,” Tuano Choir Director Valery Hart said in an interview with WYDaily. “We have 206 people from Tuano who will sit in one block and then there will be another 30 who are randomly scattered because they already had season tickets. Just the fact that they get so much support from their families to participate. I think they are especially excited. “

The pace car was driven by NASCAR Group sales manager for Mid-Atlantic Tracks Nic Lash.

“What we have today is one of our new Toyota Camry Pace cars,” Lash said in an interview with WYDaily. “This is one of two pace cars that will set the track for next Sunday’s race at Richmond Raceway for the Toyota Owners 400. So these cars are cooked to the highest caliber that Toyota produces for the road.”

The choir students performed in front of the school and then posed for pictures with the rhythm car.

Hart says this opportunity has been around for about two years. The school choir rehearsed a special rendition of “God Bless America” ​​by a composer named Terence Cooper.

(WYDaily / Dominic Catacora)

“A gentleman in California who knows my husband, a composer, he arranged it for us, and shrunk it so that it was within the voice parts of my students,” Hart said. “He wrote it so it was within easy reach for them. So it was really amazing, too, that we had a friend in California who was able to get involved.”

A total of 56 students from the Tuano Choir will perform with one student at Lafayette High School translating the song into American Sign Language.

“So with Toano Middle School, those were conversations that had probably been going on since before Covid really hit,” Lash said. “Fortunately, last year some of our restrictions started to come loose and we were able to realize some of those opportunities. So we were able to work here with Mrs. Hart and put something together, and we’re glad all the kids came out next Sunday.”

The school choir will sing before the start of the race, before 3:30 p.m., on April 3 at Richmond Raceway.

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