The USFL will not compete in the NFL, but the league’s creativity makes it worth watching

The names of the Birmingham Stallions and New Jersey generals come to mind from one of the sweetest logos in all the sports and muscle-related Herschel Walkers that make their way through the powerless fans.

Ah, the mid-1980s. The times they had changed.

Women who have big hair and warm feet. Men with millets and … foot warmers.

Soccer was crazy in the spring. Not spring football – we’re not talking about practice – but real football.

The crazy look turned out to be a fun mess from the start of the long baseball season and a significant addition to the NBA playoffs.

The USFL wasn’t long enough for most of us to love it – even though Run and Shot Houston gamblers drank hot and smoked – but it was so legal that we saw it.

Much like the story of Houston’s professional football – in addition to Taylor’s first few years in the AFL – the original gamblers were interesting and good, but never won a playoff game.

Well, the USFL and the Houston gamblers are back. They’re not nearly as insulting as the original, which is the touchdown passes put forward by feminist Jim Kelly at the upcoming Pro Football Hall of Fame show, but they can still be interesting.

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