These are the 6 best apps to learn Korean

More and more people want to travel to Korea, either for leisure or even try the experience of moving to this magnificent Asian country. Of course, for this, instead of betting on english apps, it is best to learn the local language. Of course, enrolling in an academy can greatly delay your trip, so a very good option is to resort to the apps to learn korean

And it is that thanks to them, you can start whenever you want and practice whenever you have free time. Even once in Korea you will be able to continue using these applications to learn until you get along with ease. Next, we leave you with a list in which you will know some of the best apps to learn Korean.

Topic One

Topic One

We start this list of apps to learn Korean with one of the best valued by users for the good results obtained. This is a perfect application if you want to take the international TOPIK exam, as it offers tests for it and you have different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

at the time of start studying with Topik One, You will see that the syllabus is organized into four categories, these are vocabulary and grammar, writing, reading and listening comprehension. To put all of these into practice, you will have a 100-question questionnaire to check your improvement in the language.

Although this is an application that you can download and use for free, in its paid version you will find another 15 exam versions to make sure that you are well prepared.



Second in this list of apps to learn Korean, We present LingoDeer, which also boasts a very good rating by users on Google Play. And it is that there are many who claim to have achieved great goals with their help. This app offers innovative learning, and in addition to Korean, you also have Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian options.

The first day you download this app, you will begin to speak as well as write in the language you have selected, so that you internalize everything from the first moment. And you won’t have to spend months practicing the basics and wait to reach more advanced levels after a lot of practice, because as we already indicated, you will be writing and speaking from the first day. LingoDeer has a building block structure that will motivate you daily to keep moving forward.

Here you will find voice training, pop quizzes and flashcards, without a doubt, very complete and entertaining so that studying is not like going back to school. Let there be no excuse not to study, because LingoDeer is also available without an Internet connection.

Learn Korean with Nemo

Learn Korean with Nemo

If you start from scratch, another of the apps to learn Korean that can come in handy is Learn Korean with Nemo. This offers users a glossary with a multitude of common expressions that you can use on a day-to-day basis in the Asian country.

A tool that you will undoubtedly come in handy, and you will find in Learn Korean with Nemo, is Speech Studio, with which you can speak naturally to learn how to hold a conversation. You only have to record yourself saying a phrase in Korean and thus hear your voice along with that of the experts.

Learn Korean Phrases & Words

Best apps to learn Korean

Options when looking for apps to learn Korean are not going to be missing, and the next one that we show you has a funny parrot as a teacherwith which you will be able to practice phrases and words of habitual use.

If you want to study the language without leaving anything behind, this will show you. all you need about Korean vocabulary, Well, it offers you both spelling and audio clips in Hangul. At first, it’s hard to get your ear into a completely new language, so listening to a phrase or even a word won’t be easy for you. That is why you have the option to slow down the audio and even record your voice to analyze your pronunciation.

Arrive in Korea with a good knowledge of your language and enjoy as never before a trip that will make a difference.

Mango Languages


Let’s go with another of the apps to learn Korean with Mango Languages, which is a very good alternative to practice this new language in your life. It is an option that offers practical phrases that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

Is has a virtual repeater with which you can accustom your ear to the pronunciation of the language, and its timer will allow you to select the speed to get used to it.

This app also works offline, you will only have to download the lessons and you will not have problems to continue studying wherever you are. Also, Mango Languages ​​​​has more languages, so once you’re done with Korean, you’ll be able to continue using it and learn much more.

Learn Korean Phrasebook

school to study korean

We have reached the end of this list of apps to learn Korean, although there are many more that you will be able to find, with Learn Korean Phrasebook, which is similar to a textbook. This has more than 200 Korean phrases that are divided into different categories.

As in the previous ones, despite the fact that it is an app similar to a book, it does not lack a tool with audio recordings so that you can get your ear used to the language, and thus not have problems to really learn.

To the start with the Hangul alphabetyou will see that you can adjust the font size, so you will be able to appreciate every detail more easily, you will also be able to highlight important words, watch videos at the speed that best suits you and even save common phrases in a favorites section offered by the app .

Although it is free, if you want to go further in your learning, you have a premium version with which you will get 900 more words in 18 categories. Nor will you lack the option to continue learning offline, which also saves you the appearance of advertising videos.

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