These learning platforms are great for those who feel mentally outdated.

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Of course, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that doesn’t mean your brain will be completely shut down (well, side note, don’t count Fido, she’s still very good). Whether you’re interested in learning something new, wanting to add skills to your CV or want to make a life-changing experience, this unlimited subscription package for lifelong learning can start your passion for learning.

There’s a lot to unlock here, so let’s get into it. This package includes two different deals: unlimited access to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited Online Courses. So if you want to travel at the same time and learn new things, you should never leave this package.

Get this deal and immediately open the door to the world of Rosetta Stone. You can learn up to 24 languages ​​(one at a time) and acquire basic speaking skills when you want to fly off your couch (because you don’t want to fly a plane right now for obvious reasons). The app also allows you to compare your dialect and vocabulary with native languages, and TruAccent, Rosetta Stone’s speech recognition engine, uses it to help you.

Once you become a language professional of your choice, StackSkills Unlimited is also available to improve a wide range of topics at your disposal. You will have access to a pre-selected library of more than 1,000 courses to be taught by more than 350 qualified teachers. You will get tips, tricks and trades on IT topics, development, graphic design, finance, business, marketing and more.

Not sure if you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in French or delve deeper into Dutch? If you decide you want to stop learning a new language, you can always go back to all or all of the programs when you feel the need to resume.

You can get an unlimited training subscription package ft. Get the Rosetta Stone for $ 169.15 (registration $ 1,794) with the code LEARN10NOW.

Prices are subject to change.

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