Things that humans can do, but not artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable enough, but still, there are things that AI still can’t do

The idea of ​​creating human-like technology originated after World War II when scientists discovered that machines were more than just computing systems.

They discovered that machines could do things like humans and predicted a future where technology and humans would join hands.

Although their ideology is bold and has paved the way for modern robotics, even in the 21st century, artificial intelligence cannot do certain things. Here, we take you through some of the tasks that Artificial Intelligence humans cannot compete with.

Answer the confusing question

Artificial intelligence is known for solving problems and providing data-based answers. It can take humans days and months to figure out a solution, but machines can easily do it in real time. Unfortunately, despite its caliber, artificial intelligence did not solve vague questions.

Solving complex aptitude problems with the algorithm is called Hilbert’s 10th problem. In 1982, a Russian mathematician proved that there was no simple way to solve this.

Make ethical decisions

People get into the habit of making immediate ethical decisions based on a quick analysis of their surroundings and situation. However, machines cannot do that. Artificial intelligence makes decisions based on the rules it dictates. Although machines can fully comply with the law, there is no guarantee that it will be rational.

Find anything to their liking

Scientifically speaking, human society has grown through the slow evolution from monkeys to mankind. In our path of how we are today, we have discovered a lot based on our needs. Although machines were made to imitate humans, they could not invent anything of their own accord.

Learn through experience

As mentioned earlier, humans learn and discover things as they grow. But artificial intelligence is different. Machines are provided with data instead of teaching. Therefore, there is no such process as learning from experience.

Write software

Software development requires a deep understanding of the real world and the ability to turn those implications into rules. Despite advances and more computing power, artificial intelligence does not have the ability to understand and write software.

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