Threats against Oxford High School, other counties of Auckland & Co. “Unreliable”

Oxford Community Schools were among a number of school districts in the north of Auckland that received threatening phone calls on Friday that law enforcement agencies saw as unreliable.

Ken Weaver, Oxford’s inspector, posted a statement Friday on the county’s website explaining that Oxford High School’s counseling office had received three consecutive phone calls that were “inherently threatening.” The school’s resources officer answered the last call, Weaver said.

“An immediate investigation has been launched by the Auckland County Sheriff’s Office. At this point, through their investigation the Auckland County Sheriff’s Office has seen that the threats are unreliable, and we are continuing with our scheduled scheduled school day,” Weaver said in the post.

A number of other Auckland County counties received similar calls or threats on Friday around 1 p.m., including Lake Orion and Brandon school counties, the Auckland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Friday.

Spokesman Steve Hoover said a caller threatened someone with a weapon in incidents, but the threats were later considered unreliable by law enforcement.

Hoover said representatives have surveyed the area around the schools and believe the call came from outside the state.

Mark Snyder, a spokesman for Lake Orion Community Schools, said principals at Lake Orion High School received a “specific concern” on Friday and law enforcement agencies received an immediate notice.

Snyder declined to say if the concern was a phone call or otherwise.

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